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    Medical School after Naval Academy

    I agree with many of the above points, but I'll reiterate or clarify a few things. Yes, don't tell your BGO about the med school thing. For some reason they have a huge hangup about it. Bottom line, the Navy loves Academy doctors because they are more likely to stay in 25+ years (I'll post...
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    Air Conditioning

    What are you talking about? We used to do that all the time for the heat (with cold water). I think the AC was installed while I was there (in the 6 wings that had been updated), but they never turned it on. I guess it was to be fair to the people in wings without AC, but it sucked in the...
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    >5 year service commitment

    Zaphod, A few things. I haven't heard about the increase to 6 years - especially when they were asking guys in my class for early out, but hey, you know how that works. To the original poster, best bet is to ask your Blue and Gold Officer. He should have the updated numbers. But, for...