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    USCGA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    1) T37IP/DS/11/10/2020/PA/MechEng/ Undecided 2) Ironman4/DD/11/10/2020/Illinois/Major/ Accepted 3) PickledBeets/DS/11/10/2020/NJ/Major/ Accepted 4) Navy09Mom/DS/11/11/2020/State/MechEng/ Undecided 5) Dadof5/DS/11/10/2020/GA/MechEng/ Conditional on DODMERB (Will Accept) 6)...
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Congrats, it'll arrive soon!
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    Also there were a couple snow days. Hang in there!
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    Similar situation here, but with standardized test scores. As with yellowjacket, the scores did update later. Good luck!
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    Dodmerb for USCGA

    Review of the early action applications was just completed, so regular action application review is probably just getting underway.
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    She received the email last month that her application was being reviewed in a couple weeks. Then she didn't hear anything else until she checked bear's den today.
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    USCGA 2021 Appointments

    DD just checked Bears Den -- she received a conditional appointment! Good luck everyone!