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    High School Drum Major

    Do you feel this had a huge impact on getting selected to the academy?
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    Chances of USAFA Admissions

    @FireflyMom I am a very musically talented Trombonist and I have many honor bands, and individual awards. But no awards pertain to sports is this a deal breaker? Also, I am trying to get into NHS. I feel this will hurt my application tremendously. Thanks!
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    Chances of USAFA Admissions

    @parent Just wanted to see what my weakest areas were. Don't remember asking for a chance. Anyway, have a good day.
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    Chances of USAFA Admissions

    GPA 3.83 unweighted ACT 33 Composite Top 20% of class Marching Band Section Leader/Leadership Team MS All-State Lions Band U.S. Army All-American Marching Band (Hardest high school eligible band in the nation) JROTC Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant I feel as though this isn't good...