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    What to bring on r day

    I’m going for r day on the 27th and I wasn’t sure on one detail of what to bring with me. I’m planning on walking on to the football team (not recruited) and I’m pretty confident I’ll make it but I’m not sure how I should bring up stuff with me like shoulder pads, cleats, etc. since I can’t...
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    Strength of Candidate

    They might look past it but its impossible for anyone on here to say for sure. They won't have to look past it if you sign up for online courses and get a 25+. You can also try the SAT to see if you're better at that format than the ACT. I would guess they'd look at you being in the top of the...
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    APFT at Beast

    What's the big difference between the two? Edit: I saw the standards for it on one of the forms that just went out but it didn't have anything about the procedure like how much time you get between the events so if you that too it would be great.
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    What does getting nominated twice do for you

    Yes it showed up a few days ago after my congressman notified me.
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    What does getting nominated twice do for you

    I’m not sure on the fine details of this but I’ll get to my question at the end. Here’s where I’m at: My representative nominated me last week to USMA I’m interviewing today with one senator for a USMA nom I’m yet to interview with my second senator Does having two nominations double your...
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    I'm starting to have my doubts

    Getting into the SAs isn’t a formula so reading others’ profiles won’t do anything for you. If you don’t think on paper you look good then make up for that by getting really great Letters of Recommendation, School Official Evaluations, and Essays that can show how your commitment to America...
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    Nomination, SAT Essay, and LOR Confusion

    With those first two things there's nothing to worry about. Like you said you completed all the available nomination applications and that it definitely the right move. You also already finished the SAT and you're good with the score so don't worry about it unless you decide to take it again. I...
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    Got Odd Email

    It’s a fairly generic email. I think you get on the email list after filling out the candidate questionnaire.
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    NC Nomination Interviews

    I'm from North Carolina District 2 (George Holding) and I was wondering if anyone knew or had received any information regarding Interviews for Nominations. I know applications aren't even closed yet but I turned them in so long ago and with an LOA I'm starting to anticipate them.
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    I would say no but I think that when they give you an LOA it says something like based on your application they have reserved a spot for you in the class of 2025. For that reason I'd say your application is okay but just try and get it up obviously.
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    CFA Scores Ready?

    Here are my scores from the CFA I just took. I have an LOA with the Oct. 15 deadline so I need to submit scores soon but I'm wondering whether these look passing. I've practice a lot especially the last three but I'm not quite avg. on them. B-Ball Throw 75 Pull-Ups 11 Shuttle 8.3...
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    Current cadet, ask me questions!

    1. In general when do you start doing nomination interviews, when do you hear about if you were nominated, and do they tell you if you were the principal nomination 2. Do you think things will be back to normal next year
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    Am I ready for the CFA

    Same thought process here. Every time after I've done the shuttle I don't understand how the average for it is like 9.1 while the mile is 6:40
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    Ya no problem thanks for the info. I'm in congressional district 2 in North Carolina SAT= 1520...

    Ya no problem thanks for the info. I'm in congressional district 2 in North Carolina SAT= 1520 (770 M and 750 R/W) ACT= 33 (All 33 except a 31 in Science) GPA= 3.85 Unweighted and 4.38 Weighted but I go to a pretty difficult school so these are good I've taken a total of 10 APs including the...
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    Am I ready for the CFA

    I received an LOA a couple weeks ago and in the letter it says that the CFA must be submitted prior to Oct. 15 or the LOA will be withdrawn. I don't plan on letting this happen but are there any guesses as to what having an LOA withdrawn means? Second, are these scores from a mock CFA I did...
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    I saw you say you passed your CFA last week. What were your scores?

    I saw you say you passed your CFA last week. What were your scores?
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    CFA Scores

    I've been working on the CFA and here's where I was at last time I did a full practice run-through. I'm strong in most events but the last couple are weighing me down. Was hoping someone who had been in a similar situation could give me some tips. B-Ball throw: 81 ft Pull-ups: 15 Shuttle: 8.1...