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    WPPSP announcements

    WPPSE and AOG are the same thing, but to piggy back off of what you wrote, there is no application for it - your RC nominates you and then you either get offered or you don't.
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    SA Prep School Question

    For my DS I found YouTube to be a great resource if you cannot visit some or all of the JRMC's in person. He ended up choosing GMC because he spoke directly to various contacts at GMC and just got a great feeling from it. Also, Norwestern only has students for 1 semester and then you have to go...
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    Dates for A day and R day 2023

    What if we already have a valid pass from a previous visit? Can we skip the Visitor’s Center?
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    DODMERB and self prep at GMC

    I’d be interested to hear what GMC says. Also, follow up to see if he goes right into waiver status with DODMERB.
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    Civil Prep - Scholarships

    @2027proudMuti my son has accepted GMC as a sponsored Civil Prep this Fall! How challenging/rigorous is it? He’s ready, but 2 things have come up in discussion in our household… 1) should he study and expext to take the SAT again? 2) should he open his candidate portal for 2028, or does it...
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    I recommend not only contacting your FFR but also your regional admissions officer and ask if they would consider you as a candidate for the AOG Scholarship (you MUST be 3Q to be considered). My son was TWE in Jan 3Q and asked and in Feb got a letter with the scholarship offer. 4 of the 5 Jr...
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    AOG Civil Prep Scholar with 3-Yr AROTC

    @franknd Absolutely a great point… I’m assuming that’s how it works too. Just seeing if others here took Civil Prep and what happened with the AROTC scholarship.
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    @DrMom My DS received his TWE in January only a couple of short days after being 3Q. Last week he was notified he had been offered the AOG Scholarship, which he will accept. I’m sure there are many candidates that will get offered prep in advance of the TWE… he got super lucky, IMO.
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    AOG Civil Prep Scholar with 3-Yr AROTC

    My DS was offered the AOG/WPPSP scholarship last week. He is currently the recipient of a 3-year AROTC scholarship as well. If he chooses the WPPSP and preps, does he still retain his AROTC scholarship - by just transferring it to the junior military college he chooses?