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    2012 Reporting Aboard Today...

    Wow. We just returned home last night from Annapolis and I must admit that saying goodbye was easier than I had anticipated. My MID was relaxed and even joking when I got to see her for our last goodbye. It was a good time and I didn't even have the urge to cry. I thought that I would cry on...
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    Hey I just wanted to tell all of you that are thinking about getting a passport that it was REALLY FAST! My daughter went to the post office on May 17th and got her passport back in the mail on the 30th! That's less than 2 weeks. We were both amazed. So... for those of you who have been...
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    Happy Mother's Day!

    Thank you Zaphod. It touched my heart and made me cry (yes, I'll admit that). Your mother must be very proud to have a son like you!:smile:
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    How am I heading

    RImid2010, any specific reason you're not competing in competitive sports anymore? We have heard from some people it is good to be in a competitive sport because you get to get away from campus a little bit and do something you love, but others say it is too time consuming and you can fall...
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    weight min & max

    There are no disorders, just thin and loves to run. During cross country season I usually give her 2 protien bars and an Ensure a day in addition to her regular meals to help her maintain her weight. I know that usna1985 mentioned that he/she had seen some mids drinking some supplemental...
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    weight min & max

    Thanks for the weight chart. I'm not worried about medical issues because of losing weight during Plebe Summer, only that USNA would look unfavorably on this. As it is now, my daughter is 5 pounds more than the minimum for her height. She is a long distance runner and eats like a horse but...
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    weight min & max

    Good morning! I have been reading a lot of material lately, and one of the things I've noticed is that it is not uncommon for Plebes to lose weight over Plebe Summer. For some people this is not a big issue but for others that are already quite thin, it can be a problem. Basically, I have...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Way funny!:yllol:
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Yes, I am taking the whole family. We live in the Midwest and I thought it would be fun to make a road trip of it (not to mention I don't have the funds to fly us all nor anybody to watch the other kids if just my daughter and I went). I'm hoping my tax rebate will arrive before June 27th...
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    Okay Zaphod, spoken like a man! However, my feminine side is having a little harder time preparing to cut the strings.:frown:
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    I-Day is Approaching Fast

    MIDNDAD, I loved the mother's email! I find myself with many of in the same feelings she expresses. For me, I have really been working on letting my daughter make ALL of her own choices as of late. She has been doing a pretty good job for a 17 yr old going on 18 but there have been some...
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    CFA during summer seminar

    go navy81, you are correct. My daughter attended NASS and USAFASS last summer and at NASS they counted her results but she still had an opportunity to submit another CFA with her official application. At USAFASS they told her the same thing they told your daughter. That it didn't count...
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    USAFA17, yes the CFA at SS does count but you can always submit another CFA with your official academy application. USNA will take the the higher of the two. So, whatever you do kick but this summer and make a great impression on your cadre!:smile:
  14. O's a done deal

    KaMiKaZi, thanks for the specifics on swimming. That's good to know ahead of time so she can work on those times. Also, do they requrie this to be achieved only in freestyle or can she choose any stroke? Peskemom, thank you for your input. I guess we'll just hold onto her scholarship a...
  15. O's a done deal

    Hello to everybody! I just wanted to let you all know that my daughter sent in her acceptance to USNA. She has really started to get excited about this and is spending time learning as much as possible in order to be as prepared as she can. She's trying to understand the ranking system...
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    USMAPS, USNA or ROTC scholarship?

    This is what my daughter's admissions advisor said. She indicated that she has never heard of anybody who wanted Marines not getting Marines. Of course, she would need to be in good standing, show interest and be dedicated. Just like USNA69 said!:biggrin:
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    USMAPS, USNA or ROTC scholarship?

    Commissioner, you bring up some very good points. It is very possible that since the end of the school year is near that things may be getting a little more relaxed. After all, I'm sure "prepsters" get something very close to "senioritis". I was hesitant to express some of her/my concerns...
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    USMAPS, USNA or ROTC scholarship?

    Okay, thanks. They do have some things in common don't they?
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    USMAPS, USNA or ROTC scholarship?

    I think if she took the direct appointment to USNA and went Marine option, she would love it. She will dedicate herself to the mission and the final goal. That's good to hear about JROTC kids getting a chance to help others out. It's all about working together!:wink: