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    USNA SS Evaluation

    I would guess that a positive recommendation from your detailers would not have a huge impact on your application, but a negative recommendation likely would have a large impact.
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    Should I talk to a recruiter?

    In my personal opinion, if it's true that you are a Sophmore in highschool, right now you should focus on getting good grades, being involved in athletics and extracurriculars, and setting yourself up for leadership opportunities in the next 2 years. Since you're so young, the recruiter may just...
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    USAFA Boxing

    Please check your private messages
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    USAFA Boxing

    I reached out to Coach Baldi about a week ago via email, but I assumed that he would be very busy preparing for NCBA championships. Now that USAFA has brought home the championship (Go Falcons!) hopefully I'll get back a response. Thanks to everyone who offered advice or information about the team!
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    Math Placement Test

    Should I take the AP exam if I want to test into Calc 2, or is doing well on the placement tests enough?
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    USAFA Boxing

    I recently accepted my appointment to USAFA and I've been preparing physically for the past month or so. I recently picked up boxing and have been hitting the heavy bag and working on the basics. I've come to really enjoy it and hope to continue boxing at USAFA and I'd like to know more about...
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    USAFA Class of 2027 appointment list

    1) DS 2) DD 3) Self DD-MM-YY 1) Undecided 2) Will Decline 3) Will Accept 4) Declined 5) Accepted 1) Pres 2) Vice Pres 3) Sen 4) Rep 5) LEAD 6) ROTC 7) JROTC 8) 100% Disabled 9) Other 1) HS 2) Falcon Scholar 3) Self Prep 4) AF Prep 5) College 6) Active 7) Reserve 8) Guard 1 T37ip DS No...
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    USAFA Class of 2027 appointment list

    # SAF USERNAME DD/DS/Self LOA Offer Date Accept/Decline State Nominations Appointment From 1) DS 2) DD 3) Self DD-MM-YY 1) Undecided 2) Will Decline 3) Will Accept 4) Declined 5) Accepted 1) Pres 2) Vice Pres 3) Sen 4) Rep 5) LEAD 6) ROTC 7) JROTC 8) 100% Disab 9) Other 1) HS 2) Falcon...
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    USNA Summer Seminar

    I submitted my application March third last year and I was accepted in mid-April. I also got my first choice of session, so you should be fine, but I wouldn't wait much longer. Good luck!
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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    Happy March everyone! Hopefully we'll be seeing the appointment thread get a lot longer over the next few weeks. Maybe over 100 by mid-March?
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    PS Questions for '27

    Thank you for the advice. If I could trouble you for a little bit more; I have an interest in boxing, but no real experience to speak of, would doing it during plebe summer be unwise because of the people doing it for serious competition? Are these plebe summer sports beginner oriented or are...
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    PS Questions for '27

    @ParachutePanda During CVW my plebe advised to try and validate plebe boxing by doing boxing during the sports part of plebe summer. What do you think of this recommendation? Does this make sense to you?
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    Flight Academy or Boys State?

    First off, congratulations! That's a great accomplishment to be able to earn that kind of opportunity. My advice, go for the PPL, hands down, no-brainer. I have my PPL and I also went to Boys state, and I can say that I feel like my PPL was much more important on my applications than Boys State...
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    I was lucky enough to attend both, and my advice is that if it is at all possible, do both. NASS is much more 'recruitment' focused. You get a chance to talk to your region's admissions team, you get a chance to meet sport coaches, you get many, many chances to have any and all admissions...
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    What should I do

    Couldn't agree more with this sentiment. For my application, I only had two or three ECs, but they were long-term and impactful. As an Eagle Scout, I definitely agree that joining scouts is a great option, not as a resume buffer, but as a life experience that you can learn a lot from if you try...
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    If anyone keeps up with the discussion in the USAFA waiting thread, they are talking about how the doolie class (CO 2026) has lost around 150-200+ cadets since I-day. Does anyone here know how many have been lost in the plebe class?
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    USAFA Waiting Thread C/O 2027

    Why so many? I understand that the academy life is very hard, but this is approaching a 20% attrition rate. Has it always been like this or has something changed recently?
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    USNA Class of 2027 Waiting and Speculating

    My BGO is the area coordinator for my section of NJ, and she mentioned that there were multiple congressional districts of applicants who were supposed to be going up to the admissions board in early February. I predict more NJ appointments soon!
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    USNA Class of 2027 Appointment List Updated By Posters

    1. ChatterMom 2/ DD / Oct 12,2022 / Will Accept/ Presidential, JROTC/ Direct 2. T37ip/DS/19 Oct 22/LOA/ Declined/ Presidential / Direct 3. Light8004 / Self / OCT 20, 22 / undecided / JROTC / Direct 4. MajMartin / DD / Oct 20, 2022 / Accepted / Presidential / Direct / NH 5. GoArmyBeatNavy98 / DS...
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    Has Anyone Recieved a NASS Acceptance Letter?

    I recieved my acceptance in mid-April, so try your best to be patient and remember to not put too much importance onto the decision, whether you get in or not.