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    Suggestions For New Name For Washington NFL Football Team?

    Poe searching for "a cask of amontillado".
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    Give it to me straight - physical aptitude for CGA

    Investigate Webb Institute.
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    Top 5 movies

    Not many musicals in the above lists. My favorite is "Singing in the Rain". Comedy, drama, villain, heroine, dancing, singing and a happy-sappy ending.
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    Why don't people return their shopping carts?

    Wasn't there a Tom Hanks movie about a new arrival at US airport was denied entry. For money he scurried around returning carts for the quarters, bought a burger.
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    Howdy all

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    College Student and SAT scores

    Encore!! (Do again until you get it right.)
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    Able to write about in my Essays??

    I'll bet you've got some great stories from the hotel but keep it clean. You might consider writing about some 'learning experience' where you made a mistake, corrected the mistake and what you learned. The situation with the young autistic gentleman (YAG) is filled with possibilities; such as...
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    Motivation for AP exams

    Fortune seems to favor the one who is prepared. .....Sun Tzu (?)
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    How Can I Improve My Standing?

    Stop considering and apply for AIM now. Applications close on April 1st.
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    Why are college test scores so important to the Academies?

    I'm on the library's wait list for the "Undoing Project" by Michael Lewis about two psychologists, Tversky and Kahneman. Kahneman, who won the Nobel prize, tells about his great faith in the leadership test for IDF officers. The test was to task a group of 8 men, unmarked with any rank, the...
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    How Do I Stack Up?

    Just a suggestion, boost the items that can be moved at this point. Take both SAT & ACT , take classes, get tutor, retake as often as possible. Train for the CFA and PFE to max.
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    Help me out

    Sometimes you're the hammer, sometimes the nail.
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    ACT help

    I agree with af99, get a tutor. Test, more tutor, retest as often as possible.
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    It's time to pull the plug.
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    Best (or worst) "Oh no, I'm Back There" Dreams

    Well at least you had your uniform on.
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    the new old!

    For the USMMA, a nomination from ANY member of congress within your state is acceptable. For example, you can contact any congressman from any district within your state and he could nominate you if his slate had an opening..
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    This sort of thing keeps me up at night.....

    For me the pilot of the plane is the ultimate authority.
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    This sort of thing keeps me up at night.....

    Can we get an symbol for sarcasm?
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    This sort of thing keeps me up at night.....

    I don't quite understand the relationship between the passengers who booed and the Twitters targets you proposed.
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    Career requirements after graduation from USMMA?

    US Coast Guard Academy has a major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. Check it out,