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    Pilot Slot qualifications out of USAFA

    Hey all, I’m just wondering if there are any Academy grads out there that can clarify what the requirements for a pilot slot were while you were at the academy! I know it leans heavily on the PCSM score and Order of Merit (or OPA) but I’m not sure what else goes into it! If anyone could help...
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    Appointee Class is 2022

    Appointee Class is 2022
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointments: 1) usafamax / Self / LOA / 24-Nov-17 / Undecided/ CO / Congressional & JROTC Honor Unit With Distinction / Direct Appointment 2) fnafgg / DD / No LOA / 21-Nov-17 / Accepting / MD / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) boiler26 / DS / No LOA / 15-Nov-17 /...
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    Urine Test

    Thank you all for the feedback! :)
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    Urine Test

    Thank you, I was just doing some research as to what to expect this week when I do my evaluation. (:
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    Urine Test

    Good evening, I was just doing my research on the DODMERB and saw that they run a urine test. I’m not worried about it but is there anybody that has recently taken it that can explain what they look for, if it is a “drug test” or what they test for? Thank you!!! :)