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  1. Temple17

    Shout out to Navy Ultimate- qualified for Nationals

    I would say the break down is like this: Excited for Ring Dance: 40% Indifferent: 40% Dreading it: 20%
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    Shout out to Navy Ultimate- qualified for Nationals

    Yes! Ultimate is open to everyone and we don't cut players. However, this year we started a B team, so males do get split between A and B. The B team has been good for our program because it gets players that need some more development more playing time. Our B team won the conference...
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    Shout out to Navy Ultimate- qualified for Nationals

    Update! Navy Ultimate qualified for nationals again yesterday. It will be in Milwaukee the weekend before commissioning and the academy is letting us compete! The Navy Ultimate program has improved a lot over the last couple years. Our team is currently ranked 7th in the nation. We hope to...
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    Losing Offer over grades

    I have never heard of someone losing their offer of appointment due to grades. I honestly think that's just thrown around to encourage people to finish high school strong.
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    Plebes able to go to church on Sunday in Annapolis?

    Plebes are able to go to church off the yard after plebe summer. All they have to do is write a special request chit and give it to their company officer. This request is almost always approved.
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    OCONUS travel in Europe over leave block this summer?

    I recently completed OCONUS paperwork process for Spring Break. It wasn't too hard, but you certainly don't want to wait until the last minute. Here is the link that has been most helpful to me regarding MIDN OCONUS travel. You likely won't be able to access the link but your son/daughter...
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    Testing Out of Classes?

    -Calculus: You will take a validation exam before plebe summer at home -Chemistry: You will take a validation exam during plebe summer -Physics: You will take a validation exam during plebe summer Other courses: You can work with the different academic departments to try to validate classes. It...
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    Plebe Summer Care Packages

    Here is the paragraph that describes what is considered contraband from the Plebe Summer Operating Procedures for the Cass of 2025. "Items that offend the sensibility of naval service and are prejudicial to good order and discipline are considered contraband. Specific contraband items include...
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    Everyone will refer to you as a "drag" because a plebe has to drag you around all day. The biggest thing I would recommend is be inquisitive. Ask questions!!! No plebe wants to hang out with drag that doesn't talk.
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    Best Company at USNA?

    I have been aware of 4 "hate chits" while I have bee a USNA. Here are the reasons: 1) Male midshipman being creepy around female midshipmen in company 2) Female midshipman socially alienated for making a sexual assault allegation that was proven false by text messages 3) Male midshipman was...
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    Best Company at USNA?

    Currently, any company in 4th Battalion (companies 16,17,18,19,20) is the place you want to be. The Battalion Officer is extremely generous and gives out lots of extra weekends and other special privilege's. This leads to good morale in the Battalion. For example, every plebe in my company has...
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    Granted Leave

    In my experience, leave is almost always approved for funerals. Especially, if it is a close parent, grand parent, or sibling. Leave for weddings is approved if you don't have to miss class. If you have to miss a significant amount of class to attend the wedding, it can be 50/50. I have also...
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    Restaurants in Annapolis that do catering

    In addition to all of the great suggestions @Capt MJ recommended, I would also like to mention Little Carmine's in Severna Park. They offer a lot of good Italian options. My company recently used them for a party and we were pleased. Out of all the places catering places I have worked with in...
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    USAFA or USNA?

    I dissent on the point that USAFA is logically the place to go if you want to compete for an aviation spot. As long as you have reasonable grades and don't have any serious vision problems, you have a very high chance getting an aviation spot. In my company this past year, we had 12 people...
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    Can USNA ever be fun?

    USNA can absolutely be fun! For starters, you are a 30 sec walk from Downtown Annapolis (DTA). DTA is picturesque and has a ton of great restaurants. Plus, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, and DC are all very feasible weekend trips- especially your 2/C and 1/C year. Geographically, USNA has a great...
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    ROM part deuce or 2.0 or $$$

    For everyone's awareness, the Brigade has been informed that there were be no liberty until 80% of midshipmen voluntarily get the booster shot. I got the booster shot a few weeks ago. However, I understand why many midshipmen are frustrated they are being coerced into getting the booster...
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    ROM part deuce or 2.0 or $$$

    As of 0530 this morning, we are in condition orange.
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    CBS Army-Navy 2021

    I bought tickets last Apirl for my parents using the midshipman promo code. The receipt says I will be emailed the tickets. Does anyone know when the tickets will be emailed out?
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    Question - Standing Watch

    Assuming your Midshipmen has a competent company adjutant, they should know when they have weekend CMOD for the fall semester within the next week. Most companies have 6-8 section watches, therefore your plebe would have watch every 6th to 8th weekend. They are authorized yard liberty when they...
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    Initial PRT failed: What's next

    38% of the current plebes failed the Initial PRT. After a a summer of training, I suspect that number will be less than 5%. Your DS will be fine. The PS physical training works.