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  1. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    That's not true. Glocks, like many other stryker-fired pistols, do have safeties. Do they have passive safeties? Yes. Do they have active safeties (ie: 1911)? No. Therein lies the difference.
  2. Thompson

    Fear of Officers/NCOs

    I don't think you should stress too much over it. It's good that you recognize you blunder and the fact that you're self-aware is going to pay off in the long run. Furthermore, being that you're here, asking for advice and feedback from others clearly demonstrates that you care; you are and...
  3. Thompson

    General Uniform Questions

    You're questions for the most part are Battalion dependent. As an underclassman, expect 1-2 days a week; an upperclassman expect potentially up to 4. Uniforms distribution is varied as each Battalion ... and a chunk of it comes down to funding. On the extremes: some Battalions only issue...
  4. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    You're welcome. I'm a Garand nerd ... definitely not quite a complete expert like some out there, but I can hold my own. It's a fun and dangerously addictive gun to collect (... or try to). Love the graphical display!
  5. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    Not Quite; there was never an "H" stamp, nor "USMC" stamp. The only known provenance linking a Garand to the USMC, was rebuilt/refurbed Garands marked "O-65" or "O-66". This would be electropenciled on the receiver, on the flat surface, just behind the rear sight, but in front of the receiver...
  6. Thompson

    Yearly reminder for all you newly minted 0-1's

    Fun fact - the monthly $15 Uber credit can also be used on Uber Eats. Found out about that a couple months ago.
  7. Thompson

    Things to buy for MS3 Year

    This is my Top 4 recommendations for all CDTs (in no particular order): 1.) A watch - everyone needs one (don't need to get an expensive Apple watch or Fitbit; $35 Walmart special will do -- that's what I had for the longest time). 2.) Gloves (hot weather: SKD Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) Full...
  8. Thompson

    Accessions and branch detailing

    Be careful with that; this is something to think about. If he's thinking about only doing 4 years - there's really no point in branch detailing, because by that time you get to that second branch, you're out of the Army (or so you desire). Furthermore, unless he's interested in a combat arms...
  9. Thompson

    Advance Camp 2020 News

    Camp was honestly a waste of time and frankly I don't think going (or not going) to Camp is going to make a difference in making an Officer ... though I went in 2016 as well so.
  10. Thompson

    Gift Ideas for Commissioning 2LT

    $400-550, assuming you don't get the commissioning set version. People usually start looking at them the semester they are going to commission.
  11. Thompson

    Gift Ideas for Commissioning 2LT

    Unfortunately I'm not an aviator so I couldn't really give an aviation-related gift ideas. However the watch idea is a good one. If he doesn't have a decent watch, something like the Casio GW7900B-1 could be a good gift idea. If you had 5 seconds to think of a gift idea - what comes to mind...
  12. Thompson

    AROTC Gear

    This is what I wear. Good dexterity, wind resistant, and touch screen compatible. I think he'll really get a kick out of these if you get this for him.
  13. Thompson

    Gift Ideas for Commissioning 2LT

    I really don't think there's necessarily a defacto/standard gift to give someone who's commissioning. I've seen a lot of different and neat gifts; it kinda depends on the person IMO. What is his branch? Do you know?
  14. Thompson

    Battalion Scholarship OML

    Publically - no. But I'm sure those numbers are brought up at Quarterly Training Briefs and such at Cadet Command. You could ask that BN that question, in regards to allocations to that specific program. But I doubt they'd even keep track of that number.
  15. Thompson

    Aerospace Engineering Student and AROTC

    If you play your cards right and really plan things out your fall semester super senior year you can just do a victory lap and take only gen eds like me (mechanical engineering + engineering minor):rockon::rockon: But you really don't have anything to worry about. From my personal experiences...
  16. Thompson

    Enlisted Air Force Reserve join Army ROTC?

    Is there anything stopping an enlisted reservist airman from doing army ROTC? This question is probably best answered by the Recruiting Officer of that AROTC program ... however if I were to guess - I would say there's nothing wrong with you participating especially if you haven't signed a...
  17. Thompson

    AROTC Gear

    Only 2 items, that if you really wanted to, you can purchase: boots and a watch. Honorable mention: gloves Boots: If you do plan to get your own pair, I highly recommend you go to a shop that has them so you can try them on (just like all shoes really). At the VERY LEAST - if you must buy them...
  18. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    If you want an actual GI stock - people are always selling them on CMP forums. I tend to get most of my Garand stuff there.
  19. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    Don't forget the fact you can now purchase guns at some FFLs via "drive-thru." :biggrin: Do you own a G44? Want to get one, but there's been issues with extraction and feeding issues. The G19X was born out of an Army RFI to produce the next generation (replacement for the Beretta M9) handgun...
  20. Thompson

    The Gunsmith Thread

    Check out the CMP Forums. You can find all the 1903 parts you need there.