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  1. dauntless battalion rotc

    PMS interview was blunt... Thoughts?

    Not sure about a second interview, but I wouldn't think so unless you had a valid reason beyond what you described. Of course you may check with your processor at Cadet Command. Every PMS has his/her own way of conducting the interview, but they are following Cadet Command directive to be...
  2. dauntless battalion rotc


    From the DoDMERB Orthodontics Questionnaire.... Application for ROTC Program(s): I acknowledge that my orthodontic appliances MUST be removed and all active treatment MUST be completed prior to being commissioned at the end of my ROTC program. Furthermore, I acknowledge all financial...
  3. dauntless battalion rotc

    Graduate School, US Army

    Army Regulation 621–1
  4. dauntless battalion rotc

    Is Active Duty a Requirement?

    You may request a conversion of your 3 year Line scholarship to a Dedicated-US Army Reserve or Dedicated-Army National Guard scholarship at the start of your sophomore year. That requires you to become a Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP) Cadet and get accepted into a Reserve Component (RC =...
  5. dauntless battalion rotc

    Transfering to a school with AROTC

    Not sure if you heard back from your ROO... lateral entry into the AROTC Advanced Course requires Basic Course credit, either through ROTC 100 and 200 levels, prior enlisted service (or current Reserve or Guard service), or Basic Camp completion. Unfortunately too late for Basic Camp this...
  6. dauntless battalion rotc

    Currently Minuteman Scholarship dedicated national guard 3 year

    You should really consider this path seriously before making that decision. Granted, if your heart isn't in it, then it would be best to leave the job to those who desire to lead; Soldiers deserve that. Keep in mind, in the future you'll have no cause for complaint if you aren't happy with your...
  7. dauntless battalion rotc

    Confirmation after accepting scholarship? - AROTC

    You can try and contact your processor at Cadet Command. You may also try the ROO at your gaining ROTC unit who can access your file and see if Cadet Command loaded up your acceptance letter in the database. Cadet Command has been accepting acceptances past the deadline, giving students the...
  8. dauntless battalion rotc

    Not yet contracted transfer

    Same as if it were for a Cadet already receiving funding. Ask your ROO. Ref: CC Pam 145-1 2-9.
  9. dauntless battalion rotc

    Possible Dis enrollment

    Beyond the lack of judgment in trying the illegal substance (yes, still federally banded), it shouldn't hurt in the long run. When the AROTC Cadet completes the CC Form 139-R (enrollment application), he/she is expected to truthfully disclose this type of information. There is generally a...