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  1. SailorMum

    When to arrive for I-Day?

    We are flying in from CO on 26 June, and I am already looking forward to our "extra day" for my P2B to show me around Annapolis! (He's been there twice, me never) - I also heard it was smart to have time to set up a bank account, if not already done, and do a few other miscellaneous things that...
  2. SailorMum

    End of the road for USNA?

    My Colorado kid didn't get a nom for USAFA, nor did he get into their summer seminar last summer, but he did get SS and noms for USNA and USMA (USNA was top choice, thankfully) - perhaps geographical representation influenced that (?), but I believe it was more about what he listed as his top...
  3. SailorMum

    Police Record Check

    Is it the PRT package? In looking at list of acronyms, I found the Physical Readiness Test (PRT) acronym, but nothing labeled PTR package.
  4. SailorMum

    Police Record Check

    Hello, my DS completed the 3 items mentioned above. I will look for threads about PTR package, but can you tell me what all is contained in that package and how soon to expect it? We were under the assumption that the BFE had more information inside, but it sounds like DS will await the PTR for...
  5. SailorMum

    Notification of Appointment

    My DS received his BFE yesterday! Can you tell me, does additional information get sent out within the next few months with information about I-Day, including any additional documentation to bring, and PPW? I guess we thought the BFE included a What To Do Now guide :) My DS did get the tattoo...
  6. SailorMum

    Indoc date for Class of 2022

    We got a reservation at Gibson's - great to know it's a favorite and within walking distance!!
  7. SailorMum

    Notification of Appointment

    Thanks for this bit of info- DS accepted appointment on Jan 2 and hasn't received BFE yet (portal had been updated within a day or two). Good to know those BFEs can take a few weeks to arrive.
  8. SailorMum

    Plan B schools

    He had not declined anything yet! After reading through your posts, I advised him to wait. He still has Army and Air Force ROTC scholarships in his back pocket and is still in the running for one of Colorado's best full-ride scholarships. He DID let the Army ROTC Lt. Col. contact know that he...
  9. SailorMum

    Plan B schools

    Thank you- We have said quite a few times this year that juggling all of the above is indeed good practice for what lies ahead, when he will always have more to do than there is time for! It's also why he slept half of Christmas break; he was pretty exhausted. He has to drive to a neighboring...
  10. SailorMum

    Plan B schools

    My son goes to a fairly small school in Western Colorado. The crazy kid is a sports fiend, and has dual-sported football and cross country since his sophomore year. Worked pretty well for him, running before school and going to football practice in the afternoons; football games Friday nights...
  11. SailorMum

    Plan B schools

    Keeping the Plan B sounds wise, thanks for above discussions. It is not too late, as my son hasn't made moves to decline anything yet. I will talk over with DS this evening. Like many of your young people, he still has to get through Basketball + Wrestling seasons and then Track. After Football...
  12. SailorMum

    Plan B schools

    Yes, LOA arrived online Oct 2. Everyone breathed a sign of relief until we realized it might still be challenging to secure the nomination. Thankfully, he received that on Dec. 20. It was a pretty great Christmas gift!
  13. SailorMum

    Plebe Parents Weekend attendees

    Thank you all. I obviously don't yet know how to search previous old threads , but I now see the Search box above. I did make sure to get accommodations where my son can go and rest, and we can certainly explore Annapolis on our own. My parents ski double black runs at high altitude in Colorado...
  14. SailorMum

    Plebe Parents Weekend attendees

    I haven't come across this thread yet, so hope I'm not being repetitive. For PPW, are there restrictions on who can attend, such as immediate family only? My parents are very close to my son and would like to travel with my husband and me for this special weekend, but will they be issued the...
  15. SailorMum

    Received an appointment, advice about accepting and ROTC timing

    My son's BGO wrote yesterday that since DS accepted his offer of appointment, it is proper to let the other academies and ROTC scholarship officials know. He says that it saves them time in their deliberations... time that can be given to the next candidate or recipient. My son was sure about...
  16. SailorMum

    Dates for ppw?

    We did wait for the offer of appointment to arrive (yesterday), but today I did spend 4 hours making travel and accommodation arrangements. The place I wanted us to stay for I-Day was sold out, but I did find something historic within walking distance of USNA that wasn't terribly pricey...
  17. SailorMum

    Tickets for Army/Navy 2018

    I bought tickets for my husband and son immediately after DS returned from summer Seminar in June. I had to go through a Stub Hub-type seller, as I couldn't find any available tickets on the Academy websites, and paid about twice the face value. But I felt lucky to get them, and the trip to the...
  18. SailorMum

    Notification of Appointment

    I'm just glad to read that someone else's DS has been holiday napping - catching up on sleep was my DS's favorite part of Christmas. I kind of expect Plebe Parents Weekend to be the same.
  19. SailorMum

    Question about Summer Seminar requirements

    I agree with the previous answers- just supply what's asked for on the NASS app and hope that he gets to experience at least one of the summer programs. I am not exaggerating when I say that my DS's acceptance and attendance at NASS was life-changing. He had talked about USAFA for years and had...
  20. SailorMum

    Requesting Help for DS - SAT vs. ACT

    My DS's ACT and SAT scores were not as high as your DS's scores, but he showed improvement with each try. We submitted all scores, 4 ACT and 1 SAT, to show his commitment to improve them. His SAT happened to be his better test. Thankfully his Math and English scores were his best subjects. Never...