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    Vaping at USMA

    I told my ds that between dentist and orthodontia we’ve spent about $10,000 on that spectacular smile of his. He’s an an adult. He’s in the army. I told him that I hoped he wouldn’t use tobacco as he’s seen the effects of the addiction, but ultimately I know I cannot stop him. But if he does it...
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    Gifts for the SA kid?

    I hear this a lot across all sorts of ages from elementary through college. If you are actively involved with these people and the results then I am interested in your observations. Most of the time that is not the case. As for the rigor melting away I am sure you are right that things have...
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    How do I deal with being nervous before beast?

    I’ll tell my DS to log on here and message you so you can be added. He hasn’t mentioned people boasting a lot but I don’t think he’d take that seriously anyway. He’s really enjoyed getting to know class mates ahead of time and I think you will too!
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    How do I deal with being nervous before beast?

    Are you in the group chat with the other plebes? If not, I’ll get the info from my son and message it to you because getting to know your classmates would help too. I asked him a while ago if anybody mentioned being nervous in the group chat and he said,”well yeah we’re all nervous.” :)
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    Okay what are sock liners anyway?

    My DS has bookmarked various things to order for Beast, including a pair of Fox River compression socks. I asked if those are the boot socks and he said no, he thought they were the sock liners. I asked if he was sure and he said no. So what are sock liners? I’ve read comments where people...
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    What are the chances of a candidate getting in if he or she is not in the National Honors Society?

    P I do find it weird that it’s run so differently at every school, and it changes dramatically based on which teacher is running it.
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    What are the chances of a candidate getting in if he or she is not in the National Honors Society?

    Nope! My DS is class of 2022 and not in NHS. It’s very time consuming and had lots of mandatory events at our school.
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    A day weekend

    A day is August 18th. Here is what I understand from the mom’s Facebook page and the book A Mom’s Guide to Surviving West Point: You will be released Saturday morning to spend time with your family. Apparently you will be exhausted and you will be bringing a great quantity of filthy laundry...
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    2022 Group Chat

    I asked my son if anyone on the group chat mentioned being nervous and he said,”Well yeah we’re all nervous!” so your son will fit right in. I mentioned to my ds that there are people on here trying to find the group chat and he said he’ll try to get on here later today to let y’all know how to...
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    2022 Group Chat

    I asked my son to check in here and give you the info for the group chat which he will hopefully get to later today.
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    R Day

    The drive from the Doubletree was a breeze. After I left DS for his overnight visit, I drove up to check out Fishkill. It was a beautiful drive but the drive from the Doubletree was super easy. DS wanted to be there early to get visitor clearance, so we were up before 5. It didn’t even take...
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    Need a room at Thayer from 6/30 - 7/3.

    We just came back from my sons overnight visit and we stayed at the doubletree Nanuet. We are staying there for R day and A day too unless I find a good Airbnb for A day because I’d love to cook for my ds. I loved the doubletree. It was clean and quiet and Nanuet has a great Target and plenty of...
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    Is an IPad beneficial at USMA?

    Well the only thing I can confidently tell you is that my DS asked around and all the cadets he spoke with said yes to the Ipad. Beyond that, I have no idea how the rest of it works. :)
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    Is an IPad beneficial at USMA?

    My son is there for an overnight so I was at a parent meeting today and they said you cannot bring any personal laptop and use it on their network.
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    Is an IPad beneficial at USMA?

    Hi. My DS will be in the class of 2022, so I can’t speak from experience, but from what I’ve read is they used to be a required purchase and nobody used them. We are headed there for his overnight visit so I’ll have him ask around and let you know what he finds out. I’ll be in touch. :)
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    Great forum

    I’m right there with you as neither my husband nor I have a military background so we were also dumbfounded. My son got his appointment and is now part of the USMA class of 2022. There are more knowledgeable people speaking here but I can tell you that the congressional appointment process...
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    April: and you are still waiting...

    It’s a play on the phrase Schrödinger’s cat.ödinger’s-cat-explained/