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  1. MMICadet2017

    Army Height/Weight for Contracting

    Scholarships can be stripped of you do not pass the H&W standards, and they will not contract you till you can pass, but if you can pass taping then you are fine
  2. MMICadet2017

    What all do you wear during the army weight and height test?

    I recently took the H&W, you wear your PT Shirt, shorts, and socks. PT belt, ID, and any forms or cash were put away. If you are being "taped" to my knowledge they wore the same thing.
  3. MMICadet2017

    Air Force Reserves while doing AFROTC?

    Sorry if it was confusing, tried to put a lot of information in summarized format. No, I do not owe the Army any money, since I had not started school I hadn't used any money. I can't stick with the Army because they have dropped me entirely and I would have to start all over. Marion is good...
  4. MMICadet2017

    Air Force Reserves while doing AFROTC?

    Hello Everyone! I'll start from the beginning and go from there, so originally my plan was to do AFROTC and commission as an officer in active duty through that. My back up plan was to go Army ECP, well I didn't get accepted Air Force so I went ECP. While at Fort Knox doing Basic Camp I was...
  5. MMICadet2017

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    They can quit, the Drill Sergeants encourage it...a lot. If you quit then it goes to your schools PMS and the majority of the time you are done with AROTC. I only know of one Cadet who quit and was allowed to attend the next year, but he had to attend Advanced Camp directly after Basic Camp so I...
  6. MMICadet2017

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    Typical day (which varies a lot due to issues that are beyond the control of the cadets) Wake up: 0400 (We usually were up by 0330) Formation: 0415 (Be early!!) PRT: 0430-0630 Personal Hygiene: 0630-0645 Breakfast: 0700-0730 Training: 0800-1200 (May be classroom or it may be hands on, you...
  7. MMICadet2017

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    Tip for Anyone heading to Basic Camp, Know the Soldiers Creed, Cadet Creed, and the Army Song. Also if you get injured while at Knox, be prepared for a long process if the injury is a LOD. I just came home with a LOD injury, it is a long process.
  8. MMICadet2017

    AROTC Basic Camp (CIET) 2017

    When should we get our Packing List? I know I have a spot for CIET as I must report to my school the week before in mid June (I am a ECP cadet).
  9. MMICadet2017

    SMP Questions

    I also received the ECP scholarship as well as others, I am wanting to go Active Duty after I get my BA. My question is must we stay reserve until all three years of service are up? How hard is it to transfer Active Duty? What hoops must I jump through basically.