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  1. Runningman18

    Writing Samples

    Does the max Character count spaces or no?
  2. Runningman18

    Activities Records

    The Activities record states there is a 10,000 character limit. I was wondering if the questions were counted as characters in the limit?
  3. Runningman18

    Activities Record

    Do you recommend doing this in bullet points kind of?
  4. Runningman18

    Activities Record

    What is the best way to format the resume at the bottom of the activities record? This is my second time applying and I want to do everything possible to get an LOA
  5. Runningman18

    Application to Class of 2023

    I am in my second go around of apply to the academies and will now be going to Marion Military Insitute for this year. For the application do I need to have my math and English teacher from Marion give their evaluations or do they still need to come form high school teachers?
  6. Runningman18

    Falcon Foundation Scholarship

    Sadly I was not given an Appointmetn to the class of 2022. The thing is. though, my letter of rejection only stated that I did not receive an appointment, how will I find out if I got a falcon scholarship? When will I find out about it?
  7. Runningman18

    Email from USAFA

    In an email form USAFA I was congratulated on being one of 849 people in my region to complete my application. I am form the West Coast and was wondering what the size of my region was in regards to the application process?
  8. Runningman18

    Congressional Nominations

    I have recived two nominations to the Air Force Academy and was wondering if it is kosher to ask one of my nominators to switch it to USMMA?
  9. Runningman18

    Congressional Nominations

    I have just recived two congressional nominations to the Air Force Academy and was wondering if having two will boost my application in its review?
  10. Runningman18

    CFA Imput

    I just finished my test yesterdsay and it has been submitted. I was wondering if I could get some insite on how I did. Here are my results: Basketball throw- 67ft Pull-ups- 14 Shuttle- 8.6 Sit-ups- 82 Pushups- 58 Mile run- 6:22
  11. Runningman18

    Writing Sample

    When it says 4oo to 500 words does it mean I need to fall between the two or if I can write it in few words will that be ok?
  12. Runningman18


    Getting ready for my ALO interview what should I expect? Is there anything I can do to prepare?
  13. Runningman18

    SAT Scores

    Thank you very much this was very helpful
  14. Runningman18

    SAT Scores

    What are the lowest scores on the SAT that the USCGA will accept?
  15. Runningman18

    USAFA Cadidates Activites Record

    Due to being in a small school there has not been many advanced classes offered, but I have done the everything the get the most out of my education and challenging myself where ever I can. Should I state that before I list my academic accomplishments in the portal?
  16. Runningman18

    Cadidate Application

    How long does it take for USAFA to process school transcripts? On my candidate application it shows that Form 148 and School profile are submitted but my transcript and senior schedule are missing. Does it mean that my school councilor didn’t submit them?
  17. Runningman18

    Pre-Candidate Application

    Once summitted, are you able to re-submit the pre-candidate form with updated test scores like the other academies?