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  1. bfrat93

    GPA and ROTC

    This reminds me of AP Government when I was in 11th grade. Much like yourself, my experience in the course was difficult for the first half of the year. Our teacher treated it like a true college course, providing us with lectures and activities that only covered a portion of what we were...
  2. bfrat93

    Lacking Confidence!

    I was in your exact situation my first year as a cadet. My first APFT during a summer visit was a disaster and I failed it a second time during our orientation week; I ended up passing it though two weeks later. In fact, my entire MS-I PT experience was a struggle; even though I had gotten...
  3. bfrat93

    ROTC Stipend & Taxes

    Here's a link to an old tax related thread: Essentially stipends, both substances and book allowances are tax exempt. As a cadet/midshipman, you will be taxed for pay from summer training (AF Field Training, Marine...
  4. bfrat93

    ROTC commitment

    He received a minor underage drinking charge that put him on grounds for dismissal from AFROTC but AROTC was willing to waive it and gave him a fair chance. Don't think for a second that this means you can do the same thing, get charged, and find some sort of grace from another branch; it does...
  5. bfrat93

    ROTC commitment

    I had several classmates who joined AROTC after freshman and even sophomore year and earned commissions; it's not too late if you want to go that route. One was dropped from AFROTC after fall semester sophomore year, joined Army, and got an active duty infantry (he'll go to Intelligence later)...
  6. bfrat93

    Advanced Camp/CLC, MS-3 year Preparations?

    When it comes to MSL III year and CLC, I can only speak from experience. Every school is different and cadre members may weigh cadets in different manners. If you are in a smaller school, you'll probably get more face-time with the PMS. However, when I was a III, my instructor was the first...
  7. bfrat93

    Post BOLC 2LT, open to provide information and advice.

    Thanks. Congrats to your DS, MSL III year is a fun one. From what I understand, CLC has once again received some major changes. I went in 2015, the first year they officially changed it from LDAC, and was in 1st Reg; so I got to be one of the guinea pigs. Then, the idea was being able to...
  8. bfrat93

    Post BOLC 2LT, open to provide information and advice.

    Hello, everyone. It has been a very long time since I posted on the forums here; I think it's been upward to four years. Just to give some background information: I was a high school four-year scholarship recipient at Penn State AROTC; performed strong academically and was heavily involved as...
  9. bfrat93

    College insight/guidance for ROTC applicants

    Name Group YR Branch University Career/major Clarkson (staff) current AROTC Clarkson Marist (staff) current AROTC Marist Pima (parent) 2012 AFROTC UMDCP pilot/non-tech MSFaygo (parent) 2017 AFROTC UPortland EEng Full Metal Bulldog (cadet) current AROTC @ The Citadel jocomom (parent) 2016...
  10. bfrat93

    National Guard: Help in getting contracted?

    Here is another important thing to know. If you contract as an SMP Army cadet AND accept National Guard scholarship money, you will belong to the National Guard after commissioning. So if you want active duty/regular Army, you may want to think hard about it; unless Norwich can get you out of...
  11. bfrat93

    Are AROTC 3yr AD recipients considered contracted freshman year?

    You won't be officially contracted until sophomore year and CULP is reserved only for contracted cadets. You could try to upgrade your scholarship to a 3.5 or 4-year, I have seen it done with my peers, but it all depends on your units funds. Here's the thing, not a whole lot of MSI's go on...
  12. bfrat93

    Status Update

    Great news to hear! Looking forward to having you with us next semester.
  13. bfrat93

    3.5 Year?????

    At my school there were quite a few 3 Year AD scholarships that were upgraded to 3.5 year.
  14. bfrat93

    New Army OML model released

    Well said, Aglahad! I can't wait untill I get to be one of those LTs! :biggrin:
  15. bfrat93

    New Army OML model released

    You know, we talked about that during Army 102 class last week. GPS is not always reliable. Map reading will always be a part of training. Put it this way: if our forces are deployed in some distant location and the enemy has the capability to knock out our satalites, what happens if no one...
  16. bfrat93

    Penn State ROTC

    Just 9th floor.
  17. bfrat93

    Penn State ROTC

    I wouldn't say it's because of rivalry. It's just that all the branches have their own schedules and activities. The only Tri-Service events I have attended was a memorial ceremony and the ceremony for a POW/MIA vigil. Although I do believe there is a tri-service awards ceremony during the...
  18. bfrat93

    Penn State ROTC

    To answer your questions, Thompson. I have no idea what the percentage is for cadets on scholarship. Though I would say the percentage is larger, compared to some other schools. We have a lot of extracurricular. For example I am a member of two AROTC clubs. One is the Ranger...
  19. bfrat93

    Penn State ROTC

    SAT Math: 650 SAT Reading: 600 GPA: 3.5 I was also heavily involved in JROTC as a senior cadet officer as well as numerous other extracurricular activities.
  20. bfrat93

    Penn State ROTC

    I am an MSI on a 4-year scholarship (1 of 6) at Penn State. Last year my university acceptance came, I believe, second half of February. The Nittany Lion Battalion is very competative when it comes to earning a scholarship from Cadet Command's national board. Last year; I was informed that...