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  1. TexasAggie204

    Mens Shower Bag/Shave Kit?

    100% the same in the Corps at A&M. One trip to take a leak might end up in a 30 minute hallway smoke least back in "the day".
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    Boot memo for the class of 2027

    My son at USMA has worn the Garmont T8's and one of the Reebok models. His choice for all over comfort for rucking, class, and field training has been the Belleville Coyote C320 Ultra Light Assault Boot. They are available from the Exchange. As I remember, he may have replaced/upgraded the...
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    Direct Deposit Question

    I have to agree with a lot of what you have stated. Years ago USAA was a great benefit for military members, but it's not the same company anymore. Dropped auto coverage awhile back (GEICO's cost on 5 vehicles was half). USAA's investment branch was pawned off to Schwab, and the savings and...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    ...and also to you.
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    You're welcome. I though it might help to read the official USCGA documentation for those who couldn't seem to make the determination between what was required and what was recommended. As for clarification of issue at hand, you added this comment to the string, "You think CGA requires everyone...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    The military that I served in was pretty clear on what the word "required" meant. Also, 2 of the the things that were stressed to me during my service were: 1. Attention to detail 2. Ability to follow simple instructions The posting above looks pretty simple to me. Follow the...
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    Class of 2027 Waitlist

    Nice post... ...oh, and you're wrong.
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    DQed for Keratoconus, Waiver submitted

    So, on his DoDMERB exam he was DQ'd for a single disqualification for the keratoconus (as expected), and he is currently Under Waiver Review. He has not been asked to provide any additional medical information as of yet. The examining physician noted that his condition should not have any...
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    DQed for Keratoconus, Waiver submitted

    First, sorry to hear about your son's situation. My son is currently going through the same thing. He was diagnosed with keratoconus in one eye early in high school at a routine eye exam. We found out that this condition (apparently) runs in my wife's family. After his diagnosis, we (and he)...
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    What movie(s) have you watched multiple times and would keep watching again and again?

    Some very memorable movies have been listed here. So many great films that I had kind of forgotten about. I thank everyone for the thought they put into their respective lists. Special kudos to TCartens for leading off with Slapshot - a true classic, and maybe the most quotable movie of all...
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    My son is a Yuk at West Point. As long as the boots you select are AR-670-1 compliant, nobody is going to care. He's on his 3rd pair of purchased boots. He started with the Garmont's, but blew those up at Beast and half of Plebe year. He then tried some (expensive) Reeboks, and they were wearing...
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    How early might I hear?

    Two years ago (different world - pre Covid-19), my son received his admission to USCGA on 10 December. He was EA with good numbers but NOT a recruited athlete. He attended AIM (and brought the experience up just the other day in a text to me from USMA).
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    Scholarship pulled after 13 months

    Agree 110%. Bugs me as well...the stakes are too high in a lot of what goes on in the DoDMERB process to "let your cadet handle it".
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    Usual day at BEAST schedule example

    You'll do some PT and eventually some rucking to train for the ACFT, but nothing to worry about. My son said the biggest challenge of Beast was all the standing in line and "hurry up and wait" he experienced. Worst thing you can do is psych yourself out - just take it as it comes. My advice to...
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    Usual day at BEAST schedule example

    Wake up Stand in line Get some things issued Be confused Change uniforms Recite some things Be confused Stand in line March to somewhere Fight sleep during a briefing March somewhere else Forget somebody's name Change uniforms Stand in line Recite something else Forget everybody's name you...
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    Need Watch Help-Birthday Gift

    Air Force guys love Breitling’s. Bought one 25 years ago and wore the heck out of it for 5 years or so. Been on my wrist maybe 10 times in the last 20 years.
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    Hair Cut

    Anybody who showed up with a "fish" haircut at A&M basically did pushups in the Barber Shop while the rest of us were getting our haircuts. It truly is part of the experience to "grow it out" leading up to the initial scalping.
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    "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" A few of your favorite things (to counter the Petty Grudge thread)

    Unintentional…gotta come clean though. Definitely the Yin to my Yang.
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    "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens" A few of your favorite things (to counter the Petty Grudge thread)

    My wife...even after 23 years and 4 kids. 1 year away from "empty nest" and can't wait!