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  1. buffalo

    Where Are They Now?

    Initial qual to make a C-17 copilot is simulator heavy with just a few flights at the FTU. Lots of hours and 3-5 total formal training courses to get fully qual'd in the jet. I've spent probably a year of my career at Altus going through upgrades.
  2. buffalo

    Cadet Car Insurance?

    USAA is a solid option... I've maintained that since I was a cadet. But feel free to shop around, you can likely find cheaper elsewhere!
  3. buffalo

    How is the food at USAFA? Is it different for athletes?

    Is the Form O-96 not a thing any more? Far more reliable and likely to get action than ICE surveys will be after you graduate.
  4. buffalo

    Class of 2025 - Boots before I-Day

    Nike SFBs have worked well for me. 2 years in the past 12 years, with the upgrade only to swap sage green to coyote brown.
  5. buffalo

    Military Cell Phone Plans

    I've been happy with TMobile for the last five or so years. Military plans are cheaper than Verizon and I've been pretty satisfied with domestic coverage. International data is very handy if you travel. Turn on your phone and it just works (except in Djibouti). Nice not being restricted to wifi.
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    Firstie here, feel free to ask anything

    What's next for you after graduation?
  7. buffalo

    USAFA squadrons

    Don't remember actually calling it anything!
  8. buffalo

    Making a deposit to another school

    I did not place a deposit at any other schools. I approached it more from the mental aspect that I didn't want to have in my mind the ability to fall back on something easy when the times got tough. But as others have mentioned, the backup can be more about unplanned injuries (low probability)...
  9. buffalo

    pilot life

    As you identified, lifestyle depends on your plane, base, qualifications, etc. I fly C-17s. As a newer copilot, you'll be gone more often, but the days of being TDY 300+ days a year are gone. A copilot might expect to fly 1-2 missions a month that average 5-7 days. When home, you'll probably...
  10. buffalo

    OCP Uniform

    The Nike's are a solid choice. I just recently replaced the green pair I bought in 2012 with the coyote brown worn with OCPs and authorized with the flight suit.
  11. buffalo

    My Son Graduated SUPT (Pilot School)

    Congrats! SERE is not a fun few weeks, but nothing too terrible. Going into the woods in the late summer/fall beats the winter!
  12. buffalo

    Sending Mail

    That will likely be more helpful in a few weeks when the basic cadets are at Jack's Valley and are not retrieving their own mail. While they're training on the hill, they're likely going as a flight to the mail room and checking their own PO Box.
  13. buffalo

    Flying Alone

    If you're going to taxi, I'd try calling to get that setup sooner rather than later and last minute. I'd be surprised if whatever local taxi company is in the Springs is setup to drive hundreds of appointees to the Academy at the same time. Worst case uber to the front gate, and start ask for...
  14. buffalo


    fencersmother is from Pittsburgh, and is speaking from personal experience!
  15. buffalo

    Track spikes

    I don’t see them being disallowed, but you will have no use for them unless you will be doing workouts on the track by yourself and want spikes for those workouts.
  16. buffalo

    Prop and Wings

    Over seven years since my last reply on this thread! Happy to see the search function being utilized.
  17. buffalo

    W2 form for Cadets

    If memory serves me right, there's a cadet finance and MPF office in Vandy near the shoppette/barber.
  18. buffalo

    Additional Jobs during Service

    Managing the squadron's SNAKO fund would be as much financial responsibility as you'd have in a flying squadron as a new pilot. Or maybe being a DTS reviewer in the support flight.
  19. buffalo

    New Blended Retirement: Opinion Piece

    I do find it an interesting decision for those of us with a few years in that can choose whether or not to opt in. Clearly, the consensus is that current retirement is better for those who choose to stay in for 20. Right now though, within my community, we're seeing a mass exodus of O-4s...