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    Question Regarding the NROTC Scholarship

    Kinnem is spot on. I would wait to make the request. Try the engineering path, if it works out great, switch to a Tier 1 when you've found success. If not, you're already a Tier 3. Trying to go back will be harder, especially if your GPA has suffered. OS
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    Transferring NROTC Scholarship to Crosstown Affiliate School

    Awesome! Congrats. OS
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    Summer School Tuition

    I almost always agree with Kinnem. In this case, the Navy allowed him to change majors. 2 summer school classes are cheaper than another semester. It also gets you to the fleet quicker. I would be surprised if they don't approve it. OS
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    Transferring NROTC Scholarship to Crosstown Affiliate School

    @Amazed A little unfair example. I will admit that I did not preface my statement with anyone asking to transfer their scholarship to an elite school will not be denied. I would also include top 25 schools, but there are some that fill up and they are denied because they are already full...
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    Transferring NROTC Scholarship to Crosstown Affiliate School

    One exception. I'll use an in state example. Scholarship assigned to SDSU and you ask to transfer to UCSD, no problem. Both in state, little difference in cost. Assigned to SDSU and asking for USD, public to private? They have to review that. OS
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    Combat Diver Question

    If your college requires a PE class to graduate, your NROTC scholarship will pay the lab fee, which usually includes all of your dives and equipment. OS
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    @Gildersleeve I had a child switch schools after the May 1st deadline. We were refunded all non-refundable fees, including housing, registration, and student activities fees. They would not refund the freshman orientation fee, but it was nominal. OS
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    Switching from AFROTC to ROTC

    @CrewDad You can cross cross commission from the SAs. It is just as rare, but there are a few, 5-10, each year. AF has the easiest time, Navy next, Army last. They don't "require" a one for one swap, but it seems that way. Example: If someone wants to go AF from Army, there needs to be someone...
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    NROTC Questions??

    D1 sports and ROTC do mix. How your unit supports athletes plays a large role as to how successful that mix will be. Have frank conversations with your coach and the unit. What will be your priorities be during season, out of season? Have clear expectations before you start! The challenges I...
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    NROTC Questions??

    @kinnem The Schmuckatelli family has a long and distinguished history of service in the Navy. You hear about them all the time, but I've never met one. The other strange thing is you only hear about them as Seaman and ENS, I wonder why they never promote...
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    Can NROTC student opt to take one class pass/fail rather than letter grade?

    Kinnem is spot on as usual. The question is what is a specified class. Math, Physics, Naval Science, are for sure. The history, English, foreign language were not in my day. The history and English may be now. You can still use the university proficiency exams to meet the requirement. I also...
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    The logic behind ramping up UPT slots is in reaction to the shortage of mid level pilots. The quickest way to create a producing pilot is to plow them back as instructors. The Navy calls them SERGRADs. You get your wings and immediately train to become an instructor. These folks fill roles...
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    Changing from AFROTC to NROTC

    He may be asking, “can I apply for NROTC scholarship while enrolled as a type 2 cadet?” I’m pretty sure you can, but realize that the AF folks may not appreciate it. OS
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    NROTC Questions??

    Orientation is not hard if you are fit and understand what the unit is trying to accomplish. Remember, it’s only a few days, it is not boot camp. The reason most people drop is they have never been yelled at, had to do menial tasks for no reason, think everything happens for a reason, have had...
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    Anxious mom seeks advice

    The Academy decisions are made in Annapolis while the Navy ROTC decisions are made in Pensacola. They did not share any information in the past. They do today, but only to make sure those that show up for plebe summer do not retain their NROTC scholarship. Recruiters used to/may still be able...
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    Congrats! What exactly is casual status. OS
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    How Long Does an AROTC Transfer Request Approval Take?

    He call the ROO at the school he wants to attend. They can be very helpful. OS
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    How late is too late to transfer 4 year scholarship?

    I forgot to mention. Reach out to the ND unit directly, they can help in the transfer process if there any issues. Congrats! OS
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    How late is too late to transfer 4 year scholarship?

    It is not to late. Click on the link below and email to ask. You can switch, if qualified, up to your senior year. Earlier is easier and most units will work with you. OS