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  1. gala10

    Presidential Vs. Special Nomination

    i believe there is no limitation on how many may apply, but a limit on how many may be in attendance at the academy- up to 65. class of 2023 had 77 nominations in "Children of Deceased/Disabled Vets, POW, MIA" category, where the presidential had 790. the chances are 100 out 790 or 16 out 77.
  2. gala10

    Plebes wearing wristbands?

    I didn't see pictures of plebes wearing the wristbands. And it will be interesting to know where OP saw them. We were looking at Alumni Association albums, and the wristbands were hanging on water bottles together with hand sanitizer
  3. gala10

    Plebes wearing wristbands?

    We were very curios what the wristbands say and after zooming in few photos and putting it together piece by piece - finally got it! ”get comfortable being uncomfortable” at least that what it says on platoon B bands.
  4. gala10

    A few questions about mail?

    hey! my daughter is in the same shoes, and my son was a plebe last year, so she is all about packages and letters. i am sure she would be happy to connect with you to share tips and experiences. i think you need about 5 posts to send a private message, and if you are interested, please PM me...
  5. gala10

    Company information for plebe summer

    Academy Insider has all the info. i learned so much. Thank you Grant! looking forward to more blogs. So each "number" has ~40 plebes, and each "letter" has ~80 plebes. You number will become your ac company number after the plebe summer.
  6. gala10

    NASS Pictures

    i am so glad you found the videos! actually, my son is the squad leader and i was looking for pictures of him, haha. i will ask him if he made some and make sure he shared them with the candidates!
  7. gala10

    NASS Pictures

    i am looking for pictures as well. found only few on the FB admission page. there are fun videos from today's sea trials on the usnavalacademy instragram story, only available 24 hours, and they will probably be adding more throughout the day.
  8. gala10

    Sea Trials 2019

    Congrats to the class of 2022 for completing sea trials and 14th Company for winning Iron Company! :rockon:Good luck at the Herndon climb.
  9. gala10

    Q About USNA 2024 Application

    give your counselor a heads-up before providing the email
  10. gala10

    ECandidate Packet

    have you completed a preliminary application?
  11. gala10

    Plebe Summer Items

    my son checked in with the phone, charger and the papers that he had to bring with him. BAD IDEA! he was given a ziploc bag and he had to fit all the clothes he had on him in that bag (hoodie, shirt, shorts). so BRING an EMPTY BAG! LOL
  12. gala10

    Company Selection

    from my son's observations, evenly spread boys/girls and states, everything else is left to chance
  13. gala10

    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    Actually, someone I know- who was waitlisted on apr 8 -got an appointment this morning! Very excited!
  14. gala10

    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    My son had a Children of Deceased or Disabled Veterans nomination, but I reported as "presidential." It was last year, he is class of 2022 now. Best luck to your daughter!
  15. gala10

    USNA Class of 2023 Do-It-Yourself Appointment Thread

    indecisive class of 2023
  16. gala10

    Not applying to other SA's--Frowned upon come nomination time?

    same here, my son applied to USNA only, and he stated clearly on his nomination application why only USNA and had no follow up questions during the interview (USNA class of 2022 now); on another hand, his friend applied to USNA, USMA, USAFA, and he was asked why he didn't apply to USMMA (USMA...
  17. gala10

    USNA: "Exceptional Adversity" Question

    I think there are two different questions in the application: adversity is one and life experience is the other. and if I remember it correctly, my son's answer to the life experience question was about his encounters with other cultures something like: he traveled the world and experienced new...
  18. gala10

    Class of 2022 plebe summer?

    thank you for sharing the video, I knew it's there somewhere, but forgot to look it up... off topic- great to watch may the 14 be with them!
  19. gala10

    NROTC and USNA

    Awesome points for applying to NROTC. If I read this post a year ago, I would probably had lots of conflict with my son since he didn't want to hear anything about other options. Just like OP, my son only wanted USNA and never considered NROTC, other academies or colleges. He is an 'all eggs in...
  20. gala10

    Advantages to Early Filing

    I think the key is starting your application early. If you have your application ready, why wait? Get it in. If you haven’t started, it might be late already. If you start early, you have time for unknowns like can’t get recommendations, can’t find BGO, school lost your transcript, missed...