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  1. LATS

    Can I become an RPA pilot after USAFA

    Yes you can become an RPA pilot out of USAFA. RPA slots are definitely not as competitive as pilot slots so you should have pretty good chance as long as you are not bottom of your class.
  2. LATS

    Can Army ROTC students do the exchange program at USAFA?

    AFrpaso makes a good point. The purpose of these exchanges are to build relationships between commissioning sources. It helps service academy cadets and ROTC cadets understand what the other went through to become an officer, so that they are able to work more efficiently when they become...
  3. LATS

    Can I be more competitive?

    USAFA wants to see you have Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and another lab based science. Definitely take an AP class if you are able to and know that you will excel at it. I would recommend taking whatever you are more interested in, because that will likely make it easier for you to succeed in...
  4. LATS


    You are definitely competitive, great work. GPA is great, you are taking challenging courses, have a high SAT/ACT, lots of leadership and extracurriculars, and are in sports. Just keep improving everything. Continue to get A’s in all your classes. Look for more leadership spots, get those...
  5. LATS

    College Sophmore Reapplicant?

    You mentioned that you have reconsidered how you are going to commission. What makes you want to reapply to the academy?
  6. LATS

    What is like after the academy like in the Air Force vs. Navy?

    I would suggest trying to find a career or career field that interest you. Whether it be a certain career in the military or in the civilian world. Both academies are going to give you an incredible experience and set you up for much success later in life so I wouldn’t worry about one being...
  7. LATS

    AFROTC BA or BS degree?

    I’m assuming a BS but I would contact your scholarship technician to verify, that is definitely something you should clear up.
  8. LATS

    SAT/GPA Prep scores

    Hey Aldo.decor, Are you a freshmen in college who reapplied this year and got into prep school?
  9. LATS

    Air Force Pilot?

    Getting pilot is definitely not easy but it is possible, somebody has to do the job. Make sure to keep your gpa high, do well in pt, go to field training, and keep a good reputation with your commander. Also make sure to study a lot and score high on AFOQT and TBAS. If you work hard and the...
  10. LATS


    During my AFROTC interview they said if you are awarded a Tech scholarship it has to be one of the majors listed under their Highly Desired Majors tab on the website (stem majors). You unfortunately cannot enter into undecided your first year. However for stem majors a majority of the classes...
  11. LATS

    Type 1 AFROTC Scholarship as a Sophomore

    Okay, thanks for replying 👍🏻
  12. LATS

    Type 1 AFROTC Scholarship as a Sophomore

    I’m a high school senior who was recently awarded a Type 7 Tech AFROTC scholarship (which I will most likely convert to a 3 year type 2), do you know if I am eligible for the CICS once I get to college even though I will already be on a scholarship?
  13. LATS

    Text from USNA?

    I do not believe this is an indication to whether you have been accepted/denied. I believe they just sent this to everyone on their phone list since the 2025 application is starting soon.
  14. LATS


    They would conflict over the summer so I don’t think you would be able to do both. I agree it makes sense to be in both to keep your options open for a pilot slot but I’d recommend really asking yourself which branch is right for you. You probably already know this but being a pilot in...