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  1. pete1075

    Happy Birthday, Chiefs!

    As a retired Chief I thank everyone for our birthday wishes. I do hope that our Navy keeps the traditions and customs that have been discussed in this thread. These stories are the backbone of the teamwork needed to be the most professional and successful branch of service. I have already told...
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    NROTC - SWO Ship selection

    Can anyone tell me how the midshipmen are given their rank to pick their ship and when are they given that ranking?
  3. pete1075

    Travel to King's Point

    I would fly into LaGuardia Airport and rent a car. The ride isn't that long, less than an hour with traffic. Enjoy your trip
  4. pete1075

    Sergeant Bergdah freed

    Justice was not served today. It is becoming more obvious that the military is losing its focus on discipline and integrity. This appears to be another incident in which we have lost our resolve to punish a soldier for risking the lives of fellow soldiers and make excuses for the inexplicable...
  5. pete1075

    Communities Firmed Up

    BT - How does your DS get his ranking for ship selection?
  6. pete1075

    NROTC textbook reimbursements

    Aside from the monthly stipend, is there a textbook reimbursement for the midshipmen?
  7. pete1075

    Navy Diver Officers

    Capt. Thanks for the info. This really helps
  8. pete1075

    Navy Diver Officers

    BT3, Yes he did get the scholarship. I'm very proud of him. Thanks for the response and congrats to you and your son.
  9. pete1075

    Navy Diver Officers

    Can anyone advise if there are Navy diver officers other than EOD? My DS is going NROTC and is interested in diving.
  10. pete1075

    need advice NOW (going to jail?)

    For you to have not left this incredibly stupid Frat shows that you truly are not fully committed to your obligation to ROTC. I hope your parents are guiding you correctly.
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    NROTC ---- Accepted ---- School

    mystbrai glad to see a fellow Longhorn. My DS is going to UT as well. Are you a 4 yr scholarship winner? what state are you from?
  12. pete1075

    Room and Board

    Does anyone know if University of Texas Austin helps out NROTC students with room and board??
  13. pete1075

    NROTC ---- Accepted ---- School

    Going to University of Texas Austin NROTC 4 year scholarships 1) @USNA21hopeful / VMI/ Pennsylvania 2) @Joe1999 / The Citadel/ Iowa / MO 3) @EOD/SEALmom / VMI/ Missouri / MO 4) @mfrey / Georgetown / Texas 5) @navymom1 / VMI / Kentucky (ISR) 6) @ProudDad17 /University of Michigan/ California...
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    NROTC Wisdom From a Fellow Midshipman

    Thanks for some great info.
  15. pete1075

    AROTC 4YR Scholarship Transfer Question

    The military doesn't give flexibility on deadlines. Try to make your decision and submit by the due date
  16. pete1075

    Medical Records

    Only take medical records for something that you have checked "yes". This may help the doctor if they have any questions. Never supply too much information. There is no need for it
  17. pete1075

    Where is Everyone Taking Their ROTC Scholarship?!?!?! (Any Branch)

    My DS has accepted 4 year NROTC to University of Texas. He is extremely thankful to be selected and can't wait to get going in Texas. The detachment is about 70 strong. Hook 'Em!
  18. pete1075

    NROTC University of Texas

    My DS just transferred his 4 year NROTC scholarship to UT. He is very excited and I wanted to know if anyone in this forum have any information about Texas NROTC? Thanks for any info.
  19. pete1075

    NROTC Scholarship Transfer

    JadeMom how long did the transfer process take? My DS is going to submit his transfer request on Monday.
  20. pete1075

    NROTC unit change advice

    Thanks momx3. We will do that