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    529 Qualified Expenses

    Since 529 is after tax savings, you only have to pay tax on any gain or interest if the expense does not qualify. SOME of my son's ROTC gear does qualify since he is at a state school, rather than an academy. It has to be essential, non-issued gear. Not sure about USMA, but I think at the...
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    SAF Freemasons?

    In my day, yes, most CMSGTs (E-9s) and Colonels and above were Freemasons. An older friend (ret Colonel) jokes that if banging his West Point ring didn't get him what he wanted, he'd just speak into his Mason's ring.
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    ROTC Review?

    My son (also an MS1) just had a review with his PMS, so perhaps units may do things differently.
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    Fall 2021 Campus based Army ROTC 4yr/3yr

    I've been told that one may do ROTC Freshman and Sophomore years as an elective, or programmer as they call it.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    I take back my compassion after reading the news today.
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    Immediate family members prior service

    Yes it matters, no it doesn't, or maybe it could. How's that for an answer? College prof years ago flew the same B52 as his father (both were USAFA grads). His son was in the USAFA at the time he was my prof, and skids were being greased to put his son into that very same aircraft. That was...
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    Some Questions, regarding USMC!

    That's the bottom line. You need to talk to the recruiter and tell him or her everything has to happen post 18th birthday. That might slide things further to the right than you want, but that's life.
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    Some Questions, regarding USMC!

    And he doesn't think officers get hurt or killed? Just change your plans, get a MEPS appointment after your 18th birthday, and the soonest ship date you can.. Seems like I recall another 17 year old doing that 43 years ago.
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    Some Questions, regarding USMC!

    You're probably talking about the Soldiers and Sailors Relief Act, which was originally intended to ensure veterans called up to go to war got their civilian jobs back when they were done with duty. Today it ensures reservists don't get fired for doing their drills or if they get activated...
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    Some Questions, regarding USMC!

    What's your address? I'll drive down and smack your dad in the back of the head for calling 4 years in the Corps a waste of time.:mad: You are confusing me a bit. Are you or are you not currently contracted with the USMC? If so, and 17, then yes, your dad did sign the papers. And what's up...
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    Enlisted to USNA

    I see two major issues here. Maybe 3. Not a lot of money for college, rough time with Calculus (at a liberal arts college), and youth. Maybe the reason you're having a rough time with the math is as much your instructor as you? Here's a path that may work. - Enlist in a specialty that flows...
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    Your Son/Daughter is Going Where?? Round 2

    He said to only do it 490 times ( Matthew 18:21, 22). The 491st time, Jesus whooped some butt (John 2:15). My nuns didn't like my little extrapolation way back in 6th grade. Interestingly, most all religions, in their core beliefs, give a pass to soldiers and civilians when the fight is...
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    Some Questions, regarding USMC!

    Stop watching YouTube videos on basic training.
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    VA Lt. Governor elect is a Marine

    Maybe things in Italy have changed, but eons ago, when stationed there, Italians were aware of their internal differences. Worse in Germany - you and I could walk along a street and you would see 4 white guys walking towards us. I'd see 2 Germans, a Pole and a Russian (of the Slav variety).
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    VA Lt. Governor elect is a Marine

    Now that the kids live in SW Virginia, spitting distance from Kentucky and Tennessee, I have told them to list their race as Appalachian Americans.
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    RE: parental rights policies at service academies

    Cadets and midshipmen at the United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, and United States Coast Guard Academy, are subject to the UCMJ at all times because they are in an active duty status as members of the Regular component while serving at a...
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    “How many times has “worn/wear contact lenses or glasses (bring your eyeglasses no matter how old they are)” occurred?”

    With deference to people smarter than me, I'd think the numeric dropdown is trying to establish a history of your vision. If you select "3" for instance, does it subsequently ask for 3 dates of visit to your eye doctor, with subsequent prescription given?
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    2021 Legislation to Address Vacant Sen/Rep Office Situation WRT Nominations

    It certainly reads like a common sense approach.
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    VA Lt. Governor elect is a Marine

    My kids do apparently. Had a convo with 18y/o daughter this weekend, during which she asked "why do people think we're Mexican". Made me flash back 35 years to a pub in England where a very pale white woman said "well, you're obviously not completely white". My ancestry search says I could...