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  1. madhttr

    Private Christian Universities/Colleges ROTC

    Wheaton College hosts the AROTC Rolling Thunder battalion, with large cross-town contingents at Olivet Nazarene University and Lewis University. As I understand it, ONU and Lewis have their own classes and PT on their campuses. The Rolling Thunder logo has three lightning bolts to signify...
  2. madhttr

    Apprehensive about the future

    Not to compare them to the military commitment in any way but lots of careers involve a significant amount of time to get established, especially for non-technical majors. You may be the exception, but it's not uncommon for college graduates to just be hitting their stride at 26-28 (or later)...
  3. madhttr

    CULP 2018

    DD going to Bulgaria.
  4. madhttr

    CULP l/ other summer opportunities for MS 1s

    Project Go involves intensive language training at summer programs at various universities.
  5. madhttr

    Army Football is on a roll....

    Looking forward to a good game in Falcon Stadium Nov. 4. Of course, that depends on which AF team shows up, the one that played Michigan and SDSU tough and pushed Navy to the limit in Annapolis, or the one that gave up 50 points to NM and spotted 27 points to UNLV before launching an epic...
  6. madhttr

    Home-schoolers and Class Rank

    Congratulations on a job well-done and good luck from a fellow homeschooling parent. We have twins so we had a valedictorian and a salutatorian. Or one that was at the top of her class and one at the bottom :-) It may be too late in your case as it was in ours, but for any other...
  7. madhttr

    Boot Brand

    Bellevilles were recommended to DD but when we tried to order some directly from the company they were on backorder for six weeks. They didn't let us know for several days after we ordered, even after we paid for expedited handling and shipping. This put DD in a bind for trying out for RC, so...
  8. madhttr

    Component Release Today

    All the MSIVs in DD's battalion received active duty.
  9. madhttr

    Arriving to ROTC

    Keep emphasizing standing out through performance and not the uniform. Trying out for Ranger Challenge is the best thing he can do. Last year DD was non-scholarship and issued Army shorts and a T-shirt for PT the first week. Like your DS she impressed the upperclassmen and cadre in PT and...
  10. madhttr

    US Army ROTC scholarship and contracting question

    Yep, DD was sworn in yesterday on the spur of the moment. We had asked her about it and wanted to be there, but apparently it was a very informal thing at her battalion. Kind of anti-climactic considering the commitment she's made. A more public event would have been nice but I guess we can...
  11. madhttr

    ROTC vs USMA

    DD was in your shoes a year ago and like you, by the end of the first week was questioning her plan of reapplying to the SAs. Six weeks in there was no question that she would rather stay put and commission through ROTC. There was another cadet in her battalion that turned down an acceptance...
  12. madhttr

    AROTC not qualified

    Also, as a freshman it is my understanding that you can submit either your high school grades as the cadre suggested with DD since that was the most recent, or wait and submit your first semester college grades.
  13. madhttr

    US Army ROTC scholarship and contracting question

    DD also on 3 year just signed hers the first day of class her sophomore year.
  14. madhttr

    North Korea threatens strike on Guam

    Welcome back Bobby!
  15. madhttr

    A New Course for the Military

    This is an inspiring part of American history. As much as I would like to think this would be true today I just don't see the same level of pride and unity existing in U.S. natives, not to mention immigrants, if a draft were instituted, either military or civil service. I hope I'm wrong.
  16. madhttr

    A New Course for the Military

    It's been a long time since JFK said "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country." Since then the trend of the general population has been toward reversing that equation, with the notable exception of those who volunteer for the military. While mandatory...
  17. madhttr

    Lacks a varsity letter

    Others will have to comment on the USCGA chances, but I coach HS cross-country and have had a runner come out her junior year specifically for getting a varsity letter and improving her academy chances. She was not initially a strong runner and I was dubious, but she worked her tail off and...
  18. madhttr

    Burger Wars, Round ??? Summer 2017

    The hype is part of the problem. We had heard so much about In and Out that we expected a life-altering, almost religious experience. When we finally tried one on a visit to Las Vegas it was just OK. We tried it again on a subsequent trip to LA: good, but nothing to write home about. The...
  19. madhttr

    Burger Wars, Round ??? Summer 2017

    As a DFW native I second this motion and vote none of the above. The best hamburgers in Texas are not found at any national chain. They are found at hole-in-the-wall places with hand painted signs of the owner's name who has lots of hands-on experience at the grill. Another interesting...