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  1. skismuggs

    The “BFE”

    USAFA class 2017 was the last class to get an actual Big Fat Envelope. It contained a letter of congratulations and basic instructions and forms for new appointees. They have since used the Big Fat Email to welcome the incoming class. What is being pictured is actually the appointment certificate.
  2. skismuggs

    So I Just Got an LOA... timeline?

    My bad... I really meant to type 3Q (not LOA)+ Principal nomination does not always equal appointment. LOA + ANY nomination (and obviously 3Q) should get an appointment. Good luck.
  3. skismuggs

    So I Just Got an LOA... timeline?

    Why turn around and pick him up??? He's on his own. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  4. skismuggs

    So I Just Got an LOA... timeline?

    Yes. Every year for the last 5 years I have been on SAF. And at USNA, LOA+principal nomination does NOT always mean an appointment. Again you could be no.1 nominee today, you could be no. 11 by the time they submit slates. Always have plan B,C...X in place.
  5. skismuggs

    What do ALO evaluators know about interviewees?

    A lot of it to get enough information to determine if you are the right fit for the academy (most of the time.)
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    LOA from the USAFA for class of 23

    I agree and it does detract from the WCS. I think people are making these terms up. There is only one LOA issued by USAFA, and it does not distinguish between Academic, Athletic, Diversity and Whatever You Think Your Kid Got It For categories. Let's not start making this a "Hey, my academic...
  7. skismuggs

    Leaving USAFA

    I'd usually say never leave USAFA on a bad day, when you are down and feeling unhappy, but instead leave when everything is going well and life is good there. But it seems that you have never and will never get that day there. It's not for everyone. Leave now but hold your head high. Good luck.
  8. skismuggs

    Single Greatest Moment?

    Watching that blue box proudly lifted high above my new second lieutenant's head together with the biggest smile I have ever seen in four years. That smile. The bestest (sic) and proudest moment of my life!
  9. skismuggs

    ALO Question-

    What state or region? The whole mentor and interview ALO program is still new. The ALOweb is not very user friendly sometimes. [emoji23].
  10. skismuggs

    ALO Question-

    Three weeks seems too long. I'd call/email the USAFA counselor and just run it by them. They can contact the regional director if needed and have him reassigned.
  11. skismuggs

    Is my GPA high enough and what does it mean that I am a blue token athlete?

    You are only the top recruit/blue chip athlete until the next one comes in with better grades, better accolades and resume. They could promise you one of those chips even in writing and give it to someone else for whatever reason. Like everyone has said, commitment to play at the SAs has no...
  12. skismuggs

    ALO Question-

    When is/was your son's application due? On the application status there is a date that you have to submit everything. The ALO technically has a month or so to submit the 4060 form after that date. I also agree that it is easy to miss a 4060 evaluation if you have a lot of candidates in your...
  13. skismuggs


    That's good to know. Many people were complaining that USAFA had gone "too digital" and had lost that traditional SA experience of receiving a BFE )or TWE for that matter). That envelope changed our lives and I'm sure many will say the same thing. And I agree, it's the thought that counts! LOL.
  14. skismuggs

    The USAFA Question

    Did you call the contact numbers? Did you email them? Call USAFA? They (ALO) could be deployed. I have to say that I had to reread your post a few times because it was a little disjointed. I had sent three welcome letters out to candidates last week asking them " please respond to this...
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    Class of 2017 was the last USAFA class to get actual BFEs. They started sending email ones after that. Nothing impressive at all but we were all jumping like crazy! It was an actual white envelope that someone could have mistaken for junk mail and thrown away. West Point always had and still...
  16. skismuggs

    Withdrawing an Application

    ALOs have to document why the candidate withdrew.
  17. skismuggs

    Good idea to buy training mask?

    Sorry couldn't resist.
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    Coming soon... Air Force Colorado Springs. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  19. skismuggs

    Wish me luck

    If I was your interviewing ALO ( and I am one, before you ask) I would give you the lowest score I could just for that snide comment. You think I would respect you for that when you did not show me any??? Anyone of you candidates want to follow his advice, go ahead.
  20. skismuggs


    In a nutshell, USAFA is telling you- We want you and we will get you in as long you satisfy XYZ requirements, whatever they might be. It's like being handed a ticket for a concert while most people are still lining up waiting for the ticket window to open. But... you have to wear a duck...