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  1. Frassy16

    My son Commissioned in the Air Force

    We're up for our DS this coming Friday... I'm sure I will be a puddled mess, as well! Congratulations and Best Wishes for a bright future!
  2. Frassy16

    It’s been a long, wild and crazy ride!

    Started on this forum ~6 years ago for information on applying to the academies. DS was drawn to the Naval Academy as an engineering school and because he’s always enjoyed being a part of something bigger than himself. After receiving the TWE and being turned down for a NROTC scholarship, he...
  3. Frassy16

    Is Engineering worth it?

    DS is an Electrical Engineering major - he will graduate/commission this May. It has been very difficult and challenging for him at times, but he LIKES the career. His GPA is not the greatest, but it's over where it needs to be and he's learning what he needs to learn. He's now past the math...
  4. Frassy16


    Passing all these messages along to DS - thinking he should just join the forum - LOL! Reading all the above I'm definitely thinking all his maths from his EE major might come in handy in his FA Branch! He's very excited and ready for the challenge. I'm loving all the information from these...
  5. Frassy16


    No - He graduates/commissions in May. Things are done slightly differently for National Guard. Once they receive their LOA for their assigned Guard unit I believe they can put in for their BOLC training - but don't quote me. I don't always get the full story :)
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    DS is GRFD. He got FA and knows his future detachment/assignment. He called yesterday to tell me his BOLC dates. He sounded very excited!
  7. Frassy16

    Commissioning Date

    DS is at a cross-town affiliate. Their commissioning is the Friday after the host school graduation, but ends up being the day before his school's ceremony. That works out well for us - Friday commissioning and Saturday graduation. We've got the hotel booked! My DS is SMP with a GRFD...
  8. Frassy16

    ROTC-Minuteman Scholarship

    Congrats to your DD! My DS also went through applications to the Academies, ROTC and started as a non-contracted AFROTC cadet with the unit at his school. He was unable to follow his intended career path through AFROTC and, as a non-contracted cadet, decided at the onset of his junior year to...
  9. Frassy16

    AFROTC: Rated EA and Battlefield Airmen

    I have been following this thread with some interest as my DS signed to take a rated EA, but is also interested in STO. My DS has been working closely with his Cadre and Det Leadership on his AFROTC path. According to my DS, for STO (I don't know if ALO/CRO is the same) Cadets should submit a...
  10. Frassy16

    Field Training and Suppliments

    I remembered this thread when I read this article this morning. I have always discouraged my DS from using creatine and other supplements, steering more towards natural whey protein. Not only are these supplements improperly regulated, but more and more health risks are being identified with...
  11. Frassy16

    Max selection dates are released

    My DS is also reporting to Max 2 - He said many in his detachment have Max 2. He's glad to be going right away when school is done.
  12. Frassy16

    AFROTC 2015 Enrollment Allocations

    EA's have indeed dropped. DS just called to let me know his Cadre has been meeting with Cadets and DS has received an EA. Bursting with pride and relief right now... Good luck to all awaiting word!
  13. Frassy16

    AFROTC Dining Out

    Hello! My DS is a first year AFROTC cadet & I'm very new to all this. We just received an invitation to Dining Out with ROTC. The invitation states that Military should wear "Mess Dress" and Civilians "Formal Attire". I'm looking for a little more clarification on what specifically the...
  14. Frassy16

    College Programmer Questions

    Thanks for all your feedback. I showed my DS the responses to initiate another conversation to help him understand the demands on his time. We're also making another on-campus visit and will be discussing time constraints with his football coach and his academic advisor. We'll still keep...
  15. Frassy16

    College Programmer Questions

    Not enough posts to PM: Hopefully this will answer your questions: I have some worries that it is too much, too. A little background: He currently is a three sport athlete: Football, Wrestling and Track. He has a 3.4 unweighted GPA, including a few AP's and College Credit English and a...
  16. Frassy16

    College Programmer Questions

    My DS was denied both USNA and NROTC for class of 2017. He plans on reapplying to USNA and wants be a college programmer so he still has a chance at a commission. He's planning on attending a cross-town affiliate of a school with an NROTC unit. He will be majoring in Electrical Engineering...
  17. Frassy16

    Start checking NROTC portal!!

    DS also received denial on portal. Still awaiting word from USNA. Glad we were diligent in working on plans C,D,E,F... Congrats to those who were accepted and good luck to those still waiting. Our kids are all great and I have great faith that they will succeed in whatever path they undertake.
  18. Frassy16


    I agree with everything that "Givethemwings" said. Although we haven't moved around as much, my DS was also the 3 year old picking up the trash from the floor, holding doors open for people and began serving in our church in the 3rd grade. His father is a veteran of the first gulf war. My DS...