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  1. Strike Eagle

    Fire near Colorado Springs

    Base housing to the south is being evacuated, but the cadet area is still here, for now.
  2. Strike Eagle

    Letters of Recommendation

    When every point counts for your application, send in all of them.
  3. Strike Eagle

    Questions about "Instructions to Appointees"

    I don't even know why they use that sheet, I think just to get an estimate of how many of each sizes to order. You get remeasured for everything, so don't worry too much about size changes. Some kids didn't even turn it in...
  4. Strike Eagle

    Re-Applying for Class of 2017

    I was in the same boat as you. I was rejected my first application, did ROTC for a year as an aerospace engineering major, and was accepted my second time. First, I would contact your admissions counselor and get the list of classes that the Academy wants to see college students taking. I can't...
  5. Strike Eagle

    Official USAFA Class of 2016 Appointment thread

    You'll probably get a call much sooner than your portal updates. But I can't blame you for checking every 15 minutes (One Fight, One Team) I did the same thing :biggrin:
  6. Strike Eagle

    Beat Army! Spirit video

    Best spirit video out there! :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  7. Strike Eagle

    Baby Day

    I think its when upperclassmen hit 9 months until graduation, so they can get someone pregnant without having to get kicked out...
  8. Strike Eagle

    Optional LoRs

    Get them, get them, get them. Mail in with a cover sheet, and confirm they were received by admissions. I had an issue with that my first time. Get everything you can.
  9. Strike Eagle

    Current Doolie here to answer any questions.

    When it comes to BCT, the one thing that got me through, far above anything else, was my teammates. Going through a beat session, you think "what the hell am I doing here?" You feel broke and tell yourself you want to leave. But then you look to your left and right and see the people next to you...
  10. Strike Eagle

    Class of 2015 restricted

    Group 4 was never told that they were restricted. Group 2 was, but apparently their group staff told them it was our entire class. But it's all unclear.
  11. Strike Eagle

    AFROTC Application Done

    Definitely make sure they receive everything on their end!
  12. Strike Eagle

    Failing Knowledge Tests

    There are more important things to worry about, like your physics test the next morning. A lot Cadets struggle with these, too.
  13. Strike Eagle

    AFROTC Orientation

    Briefings, paperwork. Don't be nervous. Make sure you dress nice and be respectful.
  14. Strike Eagle

    The Reapplying Club

    Frisbforce, I better freaking see you here next year.
  15. Strike Eagle


    I'm gonna try myself! Been boxing for about 13 years. We can hit mitts together :thumb:
  16. Strike Eagle

    Questions regarding Stamps and Mail

    PO Box Is the PO Box number we got in our second BFE the same number we will have for basic training? Ive heard our BCT PO Box # is different
  17. Strike Eagle

    Awards Ceremony Major Snafu

    The important recognition will be in March.
  18. Strike Eagle

    Graphing calculators

    You shouldn't, simply because you can't on tests. Do your homework without them to be better prepared for tests.
  19. Strike Eagle

    Letters of Recommendation for Teacher

    E-mail your teachers and ask them beforehand to do it. They will be receiving an E-mail from USAFA with instructions on how to complete the recommendations. They fill it out online. It's pretty simple. You will find it on your online USAFA Application portal at the bottom of the page.
  20. Strike Eagle

    Evaluate my chances?

    Are you freakin' kidding me? :stretcher: Anyway, I don't think you'll get prep school with the college background and "low" GPA (and by low I mean high). Also, keep working through that CFA, never assume your scores will be good enough. It looks ok now, but strive to hit those maximums...