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    Athletic Recruit who isn't "into" the military

    true. Its very frustrating I'm sure. Some people want it for different reasons. Money is a large part of it.
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    No Word From NROTC, Should I Be Worried?

    nrotc. Nrotc has nothing to do with dodmerb. . That goes through the cadet command. If you are medically qualified, call the command and inquire as to your application there. Dod merb is only to show if you are healthy. this is just one piece of the puzzle.
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    No Word From NROTC, Should I Be Worried?

    hey. What exactly have you done so far? interview? dodmerb? pt test>
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    DoDMERB DQ? Lattice Degeneration

    no worries. . You had me alarmed at first O6redbastards. . I take it that you must be vying for a pilot slot, or are currently in one. I shall see you around the forums again i'm sure. . thanks for apologizing. Good luck. :)
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    DoDMERB Personal Letter

    ok. State your name and address. your ssn. also put the date to the top and middle. Then. Write. I'm from so and so. I attend this school in this city. I would like to go to this academy or Rotc program. Tell them why you want it. Family back ground if you are military...
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    DoDMERB DQ? Lattice Degeneration

    note. 1. I'm Korean to be exact. I was adopted at the age of 3. 2. My waiver came from Ft. Monroe Cadet Command in VA. 3. If you have doubts 06RedBastards, I'm accepted to NMSU Army ROTC for Nursing. I invite you to ask about me. My initials are CL. The phone numbers can be found...
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    How did u decided your screen name

    erm. . . Bumblebee. just a screen name I use everywhere. I'm always busy and I love flowers? Not to mention I annoy everyone, so my friends call me the bumblebee. . always hovering around. . buzzing and flitting about. .
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    well. . He is better than me on paper. . How is the GPA? above 4.0? His Writing needs to be at least a 25. . at very least. . I had a perfect writing and reading. . 36. . and math and science I was doomed from the start. . 26 math 28 science. . It also helps to have a full...
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    DoDMERB DQ? Lattice Degeneration

    my word. I feel as if I am obliged to send in a positive note. I'm an Asian Girl. Myopia is more common in Asians because of excess studying. My refraction was was over the -8 diopters. plus. I have the degenerative kind too. I was also told I had retinal thinning. . high risk of...
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    Problems with DoDMERB site

    same issue. The login window is a dud. . I can't get in either. But lately. for the past month at least Dodmerb has been having serious issues with the site. Login and just maintaining it. Its driving me crazy.
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    Some NROTC questions...

    ohhh. . . yes. USC ^_^ ie: University of Spoiled Children. . Just something I heard once. good luck with your rotc.
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    success Finally. I completed my fundoscopic eye exam. Remedial. And I passed my PT test with bare minimums. 14 minutes flat on the 2 mile run. 19 pushups 53 situps. whew. . what a relief. and I mailed in confirmation of my height and weight. and confirmation of all my varsity...
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    well actually. I think its been that way for the last 2 almost 3 days now. . I was scared they permanently cut me out and erased me from the database. .
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    help? Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Oracle error '80040e14' ORA-00936: missing expression /view/applicant.asp, line 46 thats what I get on my application page on the dodmerb website. . what is this?
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    How competitive?

    Hey. I don't know the answer to your question. . But i'm from CO. The springs to be exact. you?
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    more news and queries. Ok. I was accepted to another school yesterday. So my question is this. I applied to my top 3 schools. I have been accepted to all 3 now. The thing is, Those are my ROTC schools too. So, I've been hearing alot from one of them. And next to nothing for the...
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    Yeah. . I agree completely. . I'm not happy about the right before Christmas thing either. I have finals this week too, so I'm equally stressed.
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    I appreciate your prayers. . Good luck to your daughter also. I sent in my paperwork today and am crossing my fingers. I'm so nervous. . My plan B will be Enlisting. . I can't pay for college alone. I'm not up for loans, I'm only 17. . . But College. . how far away it is right now.
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    ok. Thank you very much. Now I just have to convince myself its going to work.
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    Rotc Dodmerb and more angst.

    thanks. Do academics count as to your case for a waiver? I'm at about a 3.2 GpA. . Its low, but I did decently on my tests. Do they just look at health when giving a waiver? or the whole picture? I'm not top 15% in my class. . I'm well rounded though. Varsity Cross country...