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  1. ProudDad17

    PMS Interview Attire

    If you use the search function, you will find several threads, with an abundance of opinions, on what to wear to the interview. These opinions will range from suit and tie to polo and khakis, but there are a few common themes: Wear something that fits well and you are comfortable in. Shoes...
  2. ProudDad17

    ROTC Cost

    Specific to NROTC, but I'd think the other branches would be the same; there is no cost for the ROTC program. Uniforms and other gear are provided at no cost. There may be some small expenses for unit polos, sweatshirts, etc. You would be paying all your school expenses.
  3. ProudDad17

    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    @Heatherg21 your story brought tears to my eyes. I saw this recently and it seems appropriate here.
  4. ProudDad17

    NROTC participation w/o a scholarship?

    Just one piece to add. You say your DS will be in the NROTC unit, but "not formally part of that program". This is not true; college programmers are full participants in the unit and the same is expected of them as is expected of scholarship recipients, maybe even more, since they are...
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    Where Are They Now?

    DS just earned his SWO pin today. He has about 6 weeks left on his ship before he gets to come home for a few weeks leave before heading off to nuke school (a short school prior to that). I am planning my retirement so he will be here on my last day of work and retirement party. He will buy a...
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    Why don't people return their shopping carts?

    Reminds me. When my daughter was young, she left a banana in the seat pocket of my truck. In the middle of a hot California summer. At the time, I had a take home vehicle for work, so I did not drive my truck for a couple weeks. Smell of fresh baked banana bread 😋! Smell of rotting baked...
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    3-year sideload status portal

    The last part had me picturing the old Joe Isuzu commercials "Trust me".
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    Does he sing ragtime tunes?
  9. ProudDad17

    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    I had to read that a couple times before I got it.
  10. ProudDad17

    Why don't people return their shopping carts?

    For some reason I was thinking of this thread and felt called to bring it back to light for those newer members who may have missed it. It certainly never gained the traction of our beloved bacon thread or even the SHAME SHAME thread, but it still had merit.
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    YOUR DOGS, CATS & Other Domestic Fauna - Cute, sad, buff or silly

    Someone likes to be right in the way.
  12. ProudDad17

    Dad Joke thread (everybody welcome)

    All Swedish naval vessels have a UPC code printed on their hull. When the ships return to port, it helps them Scandinavian.
  13. ProudDad17

    NAVY NSI 3 Begins!

    Did Sea Trials for NROTC go away? Seemed to be a bumpy road for it and I have not heard anything on here about it this year.
  14. ProudDad17

    SHAME SHAME on this person for doing this!! ( & request for rumor control)

    I am reminded of the concept of roots and wings. It is something DW (much, MUCH smarter than me) introduced me to as DS was headed off to college and NROTC. By nature (and occupation) I am a problem solver and a protector. This helped me understand we had given DS deep roots. He knows who he...
  15. ProudDad17

    Difference between 3-year National and 3-year sideload scholarships?

    For the past few years, the Navy had allowed 4/c midshipmen to re-apply for the 4 year national scholarship. The same one high school seniors were applying for. If selected, it essentially became a 3 years scholarship, because it didn't kick in until 3/c year. If not selected, the 4/c mids...
  16. ProudDad17

    Does anybody know if the Plan Of the Day (POD) for plebe summer is posted any where online?

    I had to laugh to myself when is saw this title. I was fortunate to get to go on a Family Day cruise with DS on his ship. When I arrived, I was give a POD, which DS stated really meant Plan Of Deception (I think he also had another funny name for it too). Sure enough what we actually did that...
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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    I appreciate the assist.
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    When can you reapply for a ROTC scholarship?

    I can't say how common it is overall, but anecdotally, no one at DS unit was dropped as a tier 3 major a few years back. As @kinnem said, calculus and calculus based physics are required for anyone on a NROTC Navy Option scholarship. If you complete your first two years not on scholarship, you...
  19. ProudDad17

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    First things first, so I don't offend the Bacon Overlord: - Some great bacon dishes here Congrats to your DS! He has made a wise choice (purely my opinion). As @VelveteenR said...