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  1. Mama Bear

    College GPA question

    He received a sports scholarship to a religious liberal arts college. They have a "whole person" concept curriculum so the first semester he was given his schedule and not given the opportunity to beef it up with USNA attractive classes. He was less than inspired with his Intro to Scripture...
  2. Mama Bear

    College GPA question

    Thank you. You all confirmed my suspicion. On to plan B.
  3. Mama Bear

    College GPA question

    Has there ever been a time that the Admissions board has deferred a decision and requested a college second semester GPA? i.e. The application was good in all other aspects but the GPA was less than stellar. Thank you and Merry Christmas
  4. Mama Bear

    Still CPR

    CPR in Fla.
  5. Mama Bear

    5 days left of CPR!!!

    DS is CPR in Florida. What are these other prep schools I hear about other than NAPS?
  6. Mama Bear

    2021- One month of CPR left!!!

    DS still CPR, last night his team won District semi's so he will be distracted for a while preparing for the playoffs. Thankful, grateful and blessed.
  7. Mama Bear

    Amount Of Candidates Left

    DS is still CPR. He is hoping for NAPS. Will that be decided by the April "deadline" or is NAPS another deadline? Already secured Plan B,C,D.
  8. Mama Bear

    Proceed to Plan B or Wait?

    I just joined this forum today and so glad I found it!! We are still in the waiting game as well. CPR since Dec. 4th. I went ahead and arranged housing for plan B hoping he won't need it but I needed something to do in the meantime. I was assured a full refund if I call them by May 1. I am...