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    Motivated High school grad, reapplying for '14

    Hey everyone, I initially applied for the USMA Class of 2013. I was not accepted. I just have a few questions, and then I also would like some advice on what I should do when I re-apply for the class of 2014. My first question is when you are at the academy, how does the seperation...
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    So I officially didnt get in. HELP

    Today I recieved the letter in the mail saying that I my admission into west point has been officially DENIED. So, what to do... 1. Army ROTC scholarship, than transfer over. 2. Enlist, and go for the prep school Also, say that I did recieve a usmaps offer, would it neccessarily...
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    Do you have to have a congressional nomination in order to be considered for usmaps?
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    What if you are contracted?

    Thank you for the information, I have been trying to find out the answer to that first question for so long. About the act averages however, those are for the actual academy, I meant for the prep school. Thank you so much.
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    What if you are contracted?

    This is a two part post, so bear with me. My first question is... Lets say I were to contract with ROTC under a four year scholarship, accept their stipends, and be just like any other cadet. Would I be able to switch over to west point after one year? My mind is set on west point, it...