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  1. Labrador

    AOG Civil Prep Scholarship

    My DS got an AOG two years ago. He never received a TWE or a QNS notification. He and many other AOG's went to Marion Military - you will not make a mistake going there, it's a great program. Once you get an AOG, it is very unlikely to be appointed for this year, but it has happened. Two years...
  2. Labrador

    USMAPS first month...

    Congratulations! I don't have specific info, but if you type USMAPS into the search function of the forums you will be directed to several great threads about USMAPS. Some are a little old (2010) but the info is useful nonetheless. Just curious, how was your DS notified? We are hoping for a...
  3. Labrador

    When will portal change to non winner for ROTC?

    FYI: The portal for DS/DD just updated to "Not Selected" sometime this morning. Kind of guessed it, but it is official now.
  4. Labrador

    TWE by mail only?

    Our TWE adventure developed a little differently. Got it in the mail 2 weeks ago (sad, sad day) but nothing has appeared in the portal. So I guess it can be done both ways.
  5. Labrador

    Don't lose hope if your still waiting!!

    Was your 4-year awarded to you from your college?
  6. Labrador

    AROTC 3rd board results are posted!

    If you look at the bottom of that notice, you will see a link that says 2019-2020. Click it and you will be taken to your application.
  7. Labrador


    Check out this link (I hope I copied it correctly). Folks discuss NMMI vs. Marion in that thread.
  8. Labrador

    DS now has to decide on ECP Scholarship or ROTC

    My DS is in the EXACT same boat. The program looks good but... I have the same questions as you, and would like to add one more. We have heard from schools that offer ECP programs that it is possible to branch active-duty after the 4-year school, yet I have read on the forums that this is, in...
  9. Labrador

    USMA TWE Question

    Wow! Good for her. She has a great path in front of her as an option. If she is dead-set on West Point, she can always pursue the AOG too. If she is happy with her Plan B, then there you go!
  10. Labrador

    USMA TWE Question

    About two months ago, DS #2 got a TWE in the mail that turned out to be a request for more information. It scared him to death. Then last week, the real thing arrived. They looked identical. However, there is nothing that can be added to a file at this point, so I think it is a TWE. Sorry, I...
  11. Labrador

    USMA TWE Question

    I can definitely confirm that there are people with a worse resume who got a no, lol. If it is a TWE (and to be perfectly honest, it most likely is), your DD sounds like a great candidate for an AOG scholarship. She would go to to a military junior college as a sponsored cadet. It is referred to...
  12. Labrador

    USMAPS Possibilities for DS?

    My DS got a TWE last week by snail mail. There has been nothing on the portal. He contacted his RO and was told that prep school selection is separate from the admissions decision. So you should reach out about an AOG or USMAPS, depending on which would be appropriate for your situation. DS let...
  13. Labrador

    Drug Use and Domestic Terrorist Threat

    I would have thought that since YOU first posted here asking questions, you might have an interest in following up and responding to the comments of others with some experience in these areas. I have to admit, the original post reminded me of the saying "hell hath no fury..." That being said, if...
  14. Labrador

    AROTC 3rd board results are posted!

    Just to let everybody know who might be waiting. DS got an e-mail from Cadet Command this afternoon letting him know that he had been selected for a 2-yr ECP scholarship. DD has no news at this point.
  15. Labrador

    AROTC 3rd board results are posted!

    Yep, DS and DD say B/UC as well. I am beginning to think that this is not a good thing.
  16. Labrador

    Third Board

    DS and DD are still B/UC. But not "not selected", so until that occurs I consider it "not over".
  17. Labrador

    AROTC 3rd Board Results

    Yeah, it is kind of weird. They are boy/girl twins. One is leaning more towards West Point but got a TWE Monday. He may go civil prep so he has other options in his mind. DD is ROTC bound, not much doubt in her mind. They don't seem competitive, but it has crossed my mind more than once if one...
  18. Labrador

    AROTC 3rd Board Results

    We are waiting. DS and DD have had no changes to their dashboard at all. No school locked in, still B/UC.
  19. Labrador

    Anyone on NWL get TWE or BFE yet?

    DS TWE was delivered via snail mail. His portal is alive and well....
  20. Labrador

    TWE Has Arrived....

    DS just received his TWE this evening. Time to work his plan B (ROTC) very seriously. Our older DS went to MMI on an AOG last year and is currently a plebe. He never got a TWE, just the AOG offer in April. Before current applicant DS got his TWE he emailed his RC about interest in an AOG. Does...