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  1. Blackbird

    Best Airlines for USAFA cadets

    DS is a 2016er. I would book multiple tickets on Southwest using points for his trip home because his schedule was using in flux and it was not clear when he would be released to come home. Then I would just cancel the unneeded ticket(s) and get a full refund. Points to fly on Southwest can be...
  2. Blackbird

    Homeschool Transcripts Level of Detail?

    We submitted similar documentation to USAFA for DS who is a 2016 grad. His was only 6 pages long, but included ISBN numbers for each text book, a course description, and a 1 page summary with courses by year, grades, and GPA. I found a nice MS Word template online for the summary.
  3. Blackbird

    Parent weekend

    We arrived on Thursday and met our Doolie at the Visitors Center on Thursday afternoon. He couldn’t leave on Thursday, but it was great to spend some time with him. Some families bring a dinner and eat by the Chapel with their Doolie.
  4. Blackbird

    Air Force Academy C/O 2022 Group chat

    Watch the Group Chats. In past years Cadre were active on them gathering intel on Appointees. At least one year Cadre had clip boards with statements made by Appointees online and they were searching for the “offenders” on I-Day. Boasting about how well you or your class will do will not be...
  5. Blackbird

    Hero who landed Southwest flight was an F/A-18 fighter jet Navy pilot

    Engines were manufactured by CFM International.
  6. Blackbird

    BCT preparation for Class of 2022

    DS is a 2016er. He used an electric shaver his entire time at USAFA.
  7. Blackbird

    Falcon Foundation Scholarship

    That's the Golden Ticket. Congrats.
  8. Blackbird

    Falcon foundation scholarship 2018

    No need to prep SAT/ACT before going to NWP. They will run you through a very systematic program. NWP is at altitude, so physical conditioning over the summer would be helpful and advised.
  9. Blackbird

    Falcon foundation scholarship 2018

    The value of a Falcon scholarship depends on the prep school. Each is a bit different and I suspect the value may vary year to year. You must research each one and of course other expenses like travel will vary based on the Falcon scholar. I do believe that NWP is the only prep school with one...
  10. Blackbird

    Best Degree to get for Air Force Intelligence Officer

    DS is currently an Intel officer. Graduated from USAFA with a BS in Political Science with an emphasis in Nuclear Proliferation as well as 2 years of Russian language. While that is an ideal background for Intel, many in the field have other majors and he learned the basics of his job during...
  11. Blackbird

    Falcon foundation scholarship 2018

    DS is a 2016er and was a Falcon at NWP. Great experience. Durbecks were awesome. Second semester was spent at a local university which taught him that he didn’t want to be an engineer. Graduated Political Science and is currently enjoying being an Intel Officer.
  12. Blackbird

    How do parents prepare before bringing their DS to BCT in June? (class of 2022)

    Enjoy what time you have with him between now and I-Day. Contact is very limited during BCT and even during the rest of the Doolie year due to the intensity of their schedule. BCT and the first year will change him. Enjoy the journey as a parent knowing that you are now a proud spectator as your...
  13. Blackbird

    Parents Weekend

    You want the hotel for Thursday and Friday night to be in The Springs. But you can go elsewhere for Saturday and Sunday night. Some will go to up to Denver. Boulder or up into the mountains.
  14. Blackbird

    My son's girlfriend

    Each year there are many girlfriends at PW including those of Doolies. However, I am with LITS and USAFA10s. I'd go with no, unless you are sure that your Basic wants her there. The reality is that very few pre-USAFA relationships will survive the 4 years and a majority will not survive the...
  15. Blackbird

    how should homeschoolers prepare for the USAFA

    DS is a 2016er who was homeschooled. He attended a consortium style home school program which had classes that met once per week and were taught by professional educators but parents were responsible for his transcripts, grading some of his homework, and other things. I created his transcript...
  16. Blackbird

    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    DS was a Falcon Scholar who attended NWP. You can easily pick out the NWPers each I-Day. They are the ones in the Hawaiian shirts. DS was on the footprints for 3 entire cycles and received lots of attention, but that is the tradition for the NWPers, the cadre all know it, and the shirts are a...
  17. Blackbird

    A Parent's Guide to Year One at USAFA

    A Basic's exposure to their surroundings are limited during BCT. For example, DW went to A-Day and loved it. After a quick lunch, DS said "I need to go to the Cadet Store to get some school supplies". She said "Great, where is it?" Funny thing is that he didn't know how to get there after 6...
  18. Blackbird

    NFCU vs USAA

    You can call USAA and request a temporary increase over the $10,000 daily limit. You tell them the amount you want to deposit that day and they can increase the limit that day to the amount you need.
  19. Blackbird

    Which USAFA Affiliated Prep School?

    Our 2016er was also NWP prepster. Good program led by great people (the Durbecks). They helped prepare him for his AF experience. Now he and his fiancee (another 2016er) are finishing training as Intel officers at Goodfellow AFB.
  20. Blackbird

    Still waiting on a LOA or Rejection

    Those receiving a Falcon Scholarship have already been denied a direct appointment for the current year. But as has been already said, the FS is a golden ticket for an appointment the following year as long as the Falcon Scholar does as instructed and stays out of trouble.