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    New rules of engagement. Lots of changes very quickly.
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    AFROTC out of USAFA?

    Most cadets regret 34'ing. Weigh your options first.
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    Advice from a C4C

    Very true what @kinnem said. They're two totally different experiences. I have a good friend at West Point and he loves it, and I enjoy USAFA. Just do as much research as you can and if you get an opportunity to tour, jump on it. My USAFA tour sealed the deal post appointment.
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    Advice from a C4C

    Hi all, After just making it through basic and a couple weeks of Academics. I'll be more than happy to help anyone if you want to send a PM or just respond. I can give you recent information. I know this forum helped me out a ton so I want to give back. V/R Trent USAFA '21
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    Sponsor Family

    Where's this form?
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    Sponsor Family

    Good evening all, I know who I would like my sponsor family to be. Does anyone know where I submit that information?
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    ACT/SAT Scores and Grades

    Try using Khan Academy. It's a free service provided by the collegeboard to help you raise your score. Keep in mind if someone looking at your portal notices that you took the SAT/ACT many times to raise your score it shows that you are persistent and won't give up! Just keep your head up and...
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    Portal Access Down?

    It all depends. I got a call the day prior to a portal update. Some MOC are very busy and don't have time to call. I've heard of many people not receiving phone calls and just the portal updating. There is no definite yes or no. That's the nature of this stressful period of the application...
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    No test scores

    Well, just make sure you keep your head up. If you have submitted your precandidate questionnaire you won't be promoted to candidate until summer-ish. The thing that had me the most nervous about my application was my SAT scores (I got an 1190). But the best advice I got was to take it at least...
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    It Happened!

    That sounds great!! It'll be wonderful to meet in person!
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    USAFA Class of 2021 Appointments

    TrentL41/Self/No LOA/ Appt. 14 March/ NC-08/ Congressman Richard Hudson
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    It Happened!

    Good Evening All, Tonight I received that wonderful phone call from my congressman's office. I was offered an appointment for USAFA for the class of 2021! This thread has helped me out so much and I am so thankful for it. I hope more anxious candidates hear soon. Have a great night and...
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    SAT Today

    Best of luck to anyone taking the SAT today, I'm taking it for the 3rd time to hopefully raise my score. I know that this score won't post for the class of 2021 application but just in case this year doesn't work, I'm ready for next. Have a great day all!
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    Portal Down?

    True, thanks DrMom!
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    Are you also in NC? I assume by your username. I'm in NC-08. Best of luck to your DS!!
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    Portal Down?

    Just logged in abd when I pressed "Access Application" it said it was down. Could this mean something good? Fingers crossed.
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    How did you find out?

    Hi All, Quick question how did you find out about your appointment, did you get an email saying your portal updated first, or did your portal update and you did not get an email? I check my portal nearly every day with fingers crossed and just want to be able to ease my mind. Thanks!
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    Funny story. I didn't get my mail yesterday and when I opened my mailbox this morning I noticed a larger envelope from my congressman and immediately thought of this thread. My heart started beating quickly and I got nervous but when I opened it up... I just had to laugh at myself. It was just a...
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    Stay Hopeful and best of luck to you! Try not to get yourself down, it's all about confidence!!!
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    Portal Status Update?

    Will it change to "Appointee"? Or something along those lines?