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    Dodmerb schedual deadline

    So, I have finished all my exams, and aprrently that letter they sent me means nothing. I called them about it and said dont worry about it. And when I hit that monday deadline they just sent another letter that said the same thing but added another 15 days. So they just got me worked up for...
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    Dodmerb schedual deadline

    Where do I find the contact info for my rep?
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    Dodmerb schedual deadline

    Hi, I was contaced by Dodmerb a little less then two months ago to get my medical exams done. I did the online suvey as soon as I got the email, but with holdiays and finals coming up I waited on setting up the actually exams. This morning I was going checking my inbox and saw that 12 days ago I...
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    ROTC Interview

    Hi i'm going to be having my NROTC interview in the next few weeks and was wondering what to wear, I have a suit but is that too much and if so what would be more appropriate. Also if you have any other tips on what to bring, do, or how to prepare for the interview let me know, any help would be...