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    Im sure this is a dumb question but how do the private military colleges work

    My sister attended Greystone Prep School and the following year received her appointment to USNA
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    Choosing Between The 5 Prep Schools

    The majority of students at Norwich are part of Corps of Cadets but there are also civilian students.
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    Universities to apply to with AROTC

    You can use your scholarship at Norwich University in Vermont, birthplace of the ROTC program and the first Senior Military College. Those who arrive with scholarship in hand, also receive the General I.D. White scholarship to cover room and board.
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    NROTC ISR Questions

    Our son received an ISR and he did subsequently receive his NROTC Scholarship. The Navy will let the schools you've applied to know when you receive the scholarship.
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    ISR NROTC confirmations

    My DS was told he was being selected for ISR during his NROTC interview which took place in the fall of senior year. He was notified of his award in February of the following year.
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    The Citadel, Thankful for all the things I didn't get

    These days I really know how true that statement is. My 10 year old has developed and obsession with Blake Shelton and I'm sure "Alexa" is tired of her asking to "Play Blake Shelton".
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    The Citadel, Thankful for all the things I didn't get

    There's a country song about being thankful for unanswered prayers.
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    USMA Founders Day Dinner

    My DS received similar invitation from USNA Parent's Club a few years back. We thought it was a positive sign that he was likely going to receive an appointment. Ultimately, he did not. It was actually helpful to attend regardless as we learned a lot directly from admissions officials who were...
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    Out of curiosity

    Three of my siblings attended USNA in the late 90's/early 2000's.
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    Looking for more options

    No certain. I've never met him. I just know he's the one who has emailed my DS in the past. It's an unusual name so perhaps it could be.
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    Looking for more options

    If you're Army and interested in Norwich, reach out to: Thane Spears at He is the ROO
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    Army ROTC or USMA? I'm feeling pressured...

    My oldest DS had always leaned towards USMC. He applied to 3 SA's and for two ROTC Scholarships. He was first awarded a 4 year Navy ROTC and then a 3 year Army ROTC. He received the TWEs and accepted the Navy scholarship at an SMC because he didn't want the traditional college experience and he...
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    We have gotten several TWEs from West Point. None of them were a "No" so try and stay positive until you actually see what it is.
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    Other Fees

    My son had corp of cadet uniforms that were not covered by tuituon or room and board. First year cost was $2200
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    High Fever

    My DS has been stomach sick for last several days and when I mentioned taking him to doc he balked saying he didnt want to have anything additional on his medical history.
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    NROTC Boards Left?

    Some months have 2 boards
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    NROTC Boards Left?

    As of January 22nd email my DS received from his NROTC contact, there were 6 boards going up through April 24th.
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    NROTC Applicant: Non-selection notification - SENT TO YOU IN ERROR

    Have your DS checked his portal. It may very well say that it is still under review.
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    Nothing in SE Texas
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    NROTC late January board

    Okay...followup to my post above. Apparently, the email DS received saying he was not awarded a Navy ROTC Scholar was an error. He apparently emailed them after original email and thanked them for consideration but asked if they could provide any reason(s) for the decision so that he could...