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    Question about Law and Legal Studies Degree

    I'll keep all that in mind, thank you. I've removed the last sentence after realizing it doesn't represent what I was asking. I do have a good idea for the plan I want to pursue should I leave the army, but I'm open for it to change.
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    Question about Law and Legal Studies Degree

    2023 Appointee, here. I've been thinking about majors and came across the Law and Legal studies degree. That subject has always interested me, but outside of the military I can't think of any use that degree would be, aside from prep for Law School. Is this essentially a pure PreLaw degree with...
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    How do Cadets (especially Plebes) find dates to balls?

    I've been appointed to the class of 2023 and I've recently been wondering something: If Plebes are restricted to campus most of the time, and have just been flown miles and miles from home away from all their old contacts, how do they manage to find civilian dates for the balls they have their...