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  1. VisionofConflux

    AROTC 3 year scholarship and contracting early

    I know the feeling. I wish your son the best of luck!
  2. VisionofConflux

    AROTC 3 year scholarship and contracting early

    I also had the same thought but I believe your son would still be bound to a specific mission set(and graduation year, as a result) with the scholarship.
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    AROTC schedule

    I haven't had to miss any class(es) to attend ROTC events. The only thing that comes close to being a conflict is lab, but it's mainly up to the cadet/person to schedule their classes properly to avoid conflicting with the predetermined lab time.
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    Chances may be low, but is it possible to get a 3 year scholarship in Army ROTC without a SAT?

    If at any point it is stated that an item is needed, then it is an absolute requirement. I understand the worry about the SAT w/ written, but it shouldn't mean you should avoid taking it.
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    Tips for Incoming ROTC Cadets :)

    Must've discovered the bricks......I mean Standard-issue boots. : )
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    Should the internet be my first source of advice.

    To reiterate what everyone has said, and from my own personal experience, recruiting officers(ROO) are a source of a TON of information pertaining to ROTC(of their respective service), and reaching out to them(I found it best in-person as well) will help you out a lot.
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    Close Application

    I believe it closes on its own if left inactive for too long.
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    Interview tomorrow

    Be yourself, don't be nervous, and dress nice.
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    College Degree— seeking adult guidance (AROTC)

    Kinda sucks because majors like Engineering and Computer Science are quite rigorous and stuff like this does happen.
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    First Board Results

    I remember the suspense of the scholarship boards. I can already bet applicants everywhere are probably checking the portal everyone 30 seconds. Good luck everyone!
  11. VisionofConflux

    What are my options?

    Yes, it's a National 3AD Scholarship. ROO did say the same thing as what the cadre have said in accordance with his experience with the USAR/ARNG in the past.
  12. VisionofConflux

    What are my options?

    My instructors.... basically said as long as I don't sign for the GRFD scholarship or anything that would bind me to the guard then I should be fine. There is a pathway to go in without having to do basic training and my release from USAR/ARNG would be prearranged. I had done a bit of research...
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    What are my options? my ROTC unit, the cadre told us we could do SMP(09R10) then come out of it at the time of contracting for the National 3AD Scholarship. Looking over it, I guess we aren't really considered full-SMP cadets.
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    What are my options?

    Are there any adverse effects to doing SMP as a 3AD Scholarship cadet?
  15. VisionofConflux

    Question about push-ups AFROTC scholarships

    The applicant would want to reach or get very close to the maximum event repetitions to be competitive. Good luck!
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    Curious Covid impact question/comment one state v another state

    One other thing to think about is to be stronger in one area of SAL(Student, Athlete, Leader) if one is lacking. My weak point was in athletics as I had no sports I was a part of so compensating through academics, leadership, and maxing the PFT was how I saw I could compensate for a weak point...
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    Curious Covid impact question/comment one state v another state

    I was in your son's situation this past year, it was tough, but as long as he is finding ways to push through he'll be fine. The interview could work in his favor considering the situation, but it's mainly a matter of describing problems and solutions/plans for those problems rather than just...
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    4 year national contracting arotc

    The APFT, interesting...well, good luck!
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    4 year national contracting arotc

    I was told that I'd have to do the same test as I did during the scholarship process. 1-1-1 but the expectations are high.
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    Tips/Advice for Army ROTC?

    I'm going into AROTC this Fall and was wondering if you all had any tips or advice for any incoming cadet like myself?