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    Thx to everyone after Graduation 2022

    I am writing this to thank everyone involved in my son's journey through USAFA as he just graduated with the Class of 2022. I joined this forum years ago for my two son's as one did not make it into the academy but another did. I have enjoyed reading and posting for a while and I feel I will...
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    USAFA Job Drops Tomorrow

    My son is C1C and he was blessed to have his first choice as pilot-- he was telling me he has a few friends who wanted other positions and they were given pilot slots --- so it does seem if they have spots to fill they could place one there even if they did not request it.
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    CFA basketball size

    Get a good ball with good "grooves' -- easier to handle and maybe grip better-- might make it easier for some-- good luck
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    USAFA Job Drops Tomorrow

    I hope all goes well---praying for all and my son who is a C1C-- been a good ride through all this....
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    This is Parents Weekend

    That sounds great-- Our parents weekend was similar as it was great to see our son who is a C1C. He has grown into a young man everyone can be proud of-- as is yours-- it is great to see our children grow up and make long life friends at the academy. Enjoy next year also as it will be yall's...
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    USAFA Job Drops for Class of 2022

    This is pretty cool to hear-- My oldest son is an intel officer and he loves it-- my second son is a C1C and is hoping for a pilot slot-- Keeping fingers crossed--
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    The Importance of Plans B, C and D

    My first son did not get into USAFA as this was his first choice but he had a Plan B for Texas Tech and ROTC. He went there and graduated and is now an Intelligence officer. He met lifelong friends in the short time and Goodfellow AFB and most if not all were from the Academy. My second son...
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    Only for pilots?

    First and Foremost I agree - Does he want to serve in the AF? My first son graduated from Texas Tech in ROTC and became an Intelligence officer in the AF-- he wants to serve-- My second son just got his ring two nights ago from AFA and wants to be a pilot-- We have also had three other family...
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    Prep School Acceptance this late?

    This is real -- U need to take it
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    Dropping son at I-Day

    My son was a cross country runner in high school and he continued to run after HS graduation and before heading to Colorado. I asked him if he wanted to get together with others early in Colorado the week before I- Day but he stated calmly --"I'm gonna be with them for the next four years - I...
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    Plan C

    All I can say is "Wow" --and I mean that in the most respectful and humble way-- takes a lot of maturity and grit for your son to want the Academy and then unfortunately not get in and going enlisted. He makes me very proud to hear this and look around and see many kids undecided about their...
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    WebGuy Program

    I can't speak for other parents -- but I joined when I took my son for I- day and it has been great. To see all the Academy cadets going through everything from I- Day to recognition day has been great. I guess everyone has to decide if its right for them but I have really enjoyed it and feel...
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    Awesome glad to hear it!!
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    Apr 16 CPR Status

    Son was in same situation as you— had both AFA and WP— waitlisted at Navy— chose AFA— he wants to fly — so he’s going for it—
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    Sad about your TWE? Read this.

    Awesome —good for u!!— I have one son in his junior year in AFROTC at Texas Tech amd one about to enter USAFA class of 2022– both will have had differ experiences but both will hopefully become officers in the end— again awesome
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    #33– Coach 86– changed from Undecided to Declined — son accepting appointment to USAFA- good luck to all —
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    Wait listed, what are the next steps?

    An email advised my son to check his portal — but also the email simply stated he was waitlisted—
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    Rejection from USNA 2022

    Great attitude - congratulations on Army
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    Seems like more NO's than YES's ?

    Son was just notified — he was placed on Wait List—
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    USAFA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    117) coach86/DS/No LOA/26-March 18/Accepted/Tx-27/congressional/Direct Appointment