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    Deferred Folk - how are you doing out there?

    Hello, When I was deffered in December It was a little dis-heartening, but after reading some of the advice given on the boards I felt a little better. For me at least there is wasnt much time to feel sorry for myself.:cool: Im glad that there are others in the same boat as I am. In a way I...
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    Thanks! I talked to the office of my congressman today and they said what you told me. They say that over 90% of candidates who recieve a principle, gain admission to the academy. Good day to say the least! Thanks for your help!
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    I didnt make early app for the CGA instead I got "deffered", because there was a 'record number of applicants'............all sarcasm aside, do I have to do anything else to my application to get in or do I just sit back and wait.......again? Thanks
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    I recently did my nomination interview which was insane, I was in front of 2 star generals....anyways, I got the principle nomination from my congressman but I am not too sure what that means. Is it the highest nomination you can get or just a regular nomination? Thanks!