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    Attempt to find my father's Coast Guard info

    For what it's worth, there is also some additional info in at least one of the photos that might help... In the second photo you see the mast and antenna as well as the national ensign from a cutter in the background (center right of the photo). The mast has a strong resemblance to the Cape...

    CG Polar Star is in really rough shape

    Well when beers at Gallaghers are .50 cents a pop... that can do some decent damage. I don't disagree with your overall premise. The situation in the icebreaker fleet is dire, however a point of clarification here. In 2013 Congress halted the ability of the Coast Guard to continue taking parts...

    Sea Stories?

    Yes and the pilots who fly them.

    Sea Stories?

    Not only will the new PSC's be able to embark a 60', the new OPC (Offshore Patrol Cutters) will be able to as well! Big news for the 60 fleet - time to start readying those sea bags!

    Sea Stories?

    Served my first tour on an icebreaker so I'll add a bit here about icebreaking operations specifically. Back in the day when helos used to regularly deploy on icebreakers, they were used to help scout leads in pack ice. The idea being that you launched a helo and used it to look ahead and help...

    It's that Time of the Year Again... Billet Night 2020

    Thursday night will be the class of 2020's Billet night! Unfortunately I won't be able to attend this year (That marks 3 years in a row that I've missed it) but I'm excited to see what new ENS (sel) we'll get on our cutter!

    It's Billet night again!

    Those are all personal opinions; depends on the platform and what you look for in a location. THAT BEING SAID having lived in Seattle, and spent enough time TDY in a lot of these other places I'm going to have to say top of the list is Seattle and bottom would be Honolulu. That being said...

    It's Billet night again!

    Graduates first assignments are typically afloat. At last count 80% went to sea on a cutter, 15% went directly to flight school and 5% or so went to Sectors or Land Units (CG CYBERCOM etc). First tours afloat are two years in length. The process for the assignment is quite simple; the winter...

    Government Shutdown & the CG

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    Government Shutdown & the CG

    Apparently I need to vent on SAF more often, just after I submitted that previous response a C.R. was passed. Our paychecks are safe... for another three weeks. In the interim, let's hope they pass a full budget for the Coast Guard.
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    Government Shutdown & the CG

    The unfortunate reality is that most Coast Guardsmen are not located near other military facilities and Coast Guardsmen don't have access to DEFAC or base daycare. Even things that other branches take for granted are oftentimes not accessible such as commissaries and exchanges. I for instance...
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    Government Shutdown & the CG

    Today is the 25th of January, Congress is preparing for a final day of discussions before adjourning for a weekend recess. While the shutdown is incredibly difficult, I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of support in Coast Guard communities throughout the nation. The unfortunate reality is that...
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    Government Shutdown & the CG

    According to the Vice Commandant, the Coast Guard requires at least two to three days to process payments after a budget is signed into law. Given that the thirteenth has come and gone, paychecks will officially be late on the 15th. That being said, hopefully we'll (eventually) get to see some...
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    What is the USCG equivalent to the USN HM rating?

    Coast Guard; we borrowed him for the deployment from an AIRSTA where he's a flight doc.
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    What is the USCG equivalent to the USN HM rating?

    On our Antarctic Deployments we had a commissioned PA come along as well as our HS1 corpsman. We called HS1 "Doc." We called the PA "sir." Much to the chagrin of the latter.
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    I cannot answer all of them, but Question 4 is simple: you go through with all the other enlisted personnel. You'll be technically enlisted while you finish up your college degree at which point you'll get your degree and do an accelerated OCS.
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    USCGA Interview

    Honestly this is probably the best change they've made to the application process. During my entire tenure at the Academy the interview process was optional and many of us felt that if it were mandatory it may have helped screen out those who lack certain personal skills that are fundamentally...
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    Fraternization Policy?

    Late to the party here; 2013 grad from USCGA. My second ship (where I was OPS) I was in the situation described. There were only three JOs myself and 2 ENS. One of the ENS was the only female member of the wardroom. While there were many female enlisted on the ship; Good Order and Discipline...
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    Chase Hall Issues

    Not to mention the continuing renovation projects that started back in... 2009? Where they will segregate an annex and completely renovate it. Back when I was leaving in 2013 it was B-Annex (removing the last of the carpet. :eek2::eek2::eek2:) There will always be ongoing projects in a building...
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    Cyber Systems Major Now Offered at CGA

    Oh god that makes me shudder just thinking about it.