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    AROTC and USMA - do they collaborate during the select process?

    If an individual applies for both AROTC and USMA, and they get an appointment offer to USMA do they stay "on the list" for an ROTC scholarship offer? In other words do these two selection bodies coordinate or are they independent from each other?
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    C+ in AP Calculus! . . . Schools Attended Instructions from page: List all high schools, civilian post-high school preparatory schools, and colleges attended after eighth grade. If Home-Schooled, enter High School for School Type and Home School for the...
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    C+ in AP Calculus!

    from the USNA website: NOTE: If your High School transcript is forwarded prior to the completion of the first semester of your senior year, it is your responsibility to ensure that your high school forwards an updated transcript to the Naval Academy.
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    Any Smaller States?

    Hi, You mentioned your DS received a letter he was 3Q. Did this come via email, USPS, etc? Does this info also show up in their portal?
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    Any Smaller States?

    We live in VT. My DD received her MOC noms mid December. Now we wait.
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    DD's uncle is a USNA grad - will this help?

    Thank you all for your insight.
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    DD's uncle is a USNA grad - will this help?

    My DD's uncle is a USNA grad and was a career Naval officer. She received her MOC noms and is waiting for a decision. Does USNA take into consideration her uncle's USNA attendance when they score her?
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    Personal Statement Word Limits

    Some of the applications do the word or character count in the window the essay gets inserted into, therefore you cannot exceed the limit. I recall my DD had some issues entering the essays into some applications. She wrote the essay in a Word document and the count was within the limit. As she...
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    DD needs to retest eyesight after passing DODMERB

    My DD passed theDODMERB this past summer. She’s now complaining of blurred vision looking at the white board at school, and the words at the bottom of TV news, for example. We plan on getting her eyes checked soon. Are we required to submit these new results to DODMERB, and if so what is the...
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    Summer Seminar Application

    USMA will look favorably on GS. My DD was told that in person at USMA admissions.
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    Summer Seminar Application

    Don't know about AFA and AP courses. I've also learned GS is suggested over SS or SLE if there's a conflict.
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    Summer Seminar Application

    Your long range strategy should be to boost your ACT and SAT scores. There are many good strategies on-line on how to take these tests. If you can afford a tutor, consider that option. Continue to take challenging AP courses in HS. Talk to your HS guidance counselor about American Legion...
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    How much do MOCs and the SAs collaborate prior to nominations?

    Prior to MOCs picking who they want to nominate, do they work with the SAs regarding candidate qualifications? If they do not, in theory, a MOC could potentially nominate someone who failed the DODMERB, CFA, or bombed their interview with Blue and Gold officer (or equivalent liaison officer)...
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    Vermont Nominations

    My DD got nominations for USNA and USMA from US Senators Leahy and Sanders, and US Representative Welch.
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    MOC nominations - letter of rejection / deadline

    Do MOCs send out nomination rejection notifications? If one has not heard from their MOC by year end should they assume they're not getting a nomination?
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    Vermont Nominations

    Has anyone received word on nominations from Vermont MOC's for the class of 2021?