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    PTR packet - sports

    Walking On - Equipment If a Mid hopes to walk-on with any varsity team they should bring that gear. Early on they will be given the opportunity to store that gear with the team. As many have already mentioned, varsity athletics takes lots of time, but the opportunity to be viewed as...
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    Anyone heard from the wait list?

    Waitlist Wait Continues I spoke with an RD today and the RD "Hopes" to have news to share late Wednesday, 9 June. Keep the faith.
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    Quick Questions

    College Record Your college academic record will trump all you have done in HS. The admissions folks use GPA, class standing, SAT/ACT to predict how a cadidate will do in the difficult academic environment at USNA. Your college record will be a much better indicator of that now. Based on...
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    Average CFA scores

    Self-reported CFA Averages I've been tracking scores of folks that have been posted on this and another forum. I've got about 85 male and 10 female scores. Recognize that they are self-reported and therefore may be skewed since some folks with lower scores may not wish to share. This...
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    Chaplains from academies?

    Chaplaincy The class of 2007 had one grad service select for chaplain and go directly to a seminary. The requirement to be a Navy chaplain is ordination by a denomination's ecclesiastical body, meaning that a religious institution has ordained the individual. Most groups require a...
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    Naval Academy Summer Seminar 2009

    From a Note from a Regional Director A portion of a recent Email from one of the Regional directors.
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    Kneeling Basketball Throw

    CFA Website The CFA instructions are at: This gives you the Max scores for each event and the detailed instructions for the entire assessment. Good Luck!
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    Naval Academy Summer Seminar 2009

    Don't Give Up The Ship Many folks, including my dd, do not get into NASS yet get into USNA and graduate. NASS has differing standards than admissions. NASS acceptance is skewed towards those folks who have less chance of otherwise visiting the academy. There IS a geographic bias...
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    Commissioning After Naval Academy

    Class of 2007 Info Hey, if a BGO says it, of course it's Your service selection numbers are in the ballpark. I know that they are close to the C/o 2005, 2008 and 2009 numbers. As my DD (class of '07) approached service selection, she and her classmates had a very good...
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    Update of file-too late?

    Never Give Up Have your son call his BGO. She or he can put in a note in the BGIS immediately, and then follow up with a phone call to the area coord on Monday. Team Captain helps. Until the Admissions board has made their choice known, I'd say it is never too late. Go for it! Good...
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    Good bye

    Welcome Back Good to see you return. Very respectfully,
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    NROTC Marine Corps boards meet this week

    Go Cocks!! Both great schools, with very differing programs. My Navy ROTC commission and Geology major at THE USC served me well for a twenty-year Active-duty career. Good luck, no bad choices here.
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    NAPS Appoint

    Congratulations I worked with a young lady who is a NMMI grad and is now a USMMA class of 2010. She enjoyed NMMI and is loving KP. She is just back from her sea-year and returning to classes. Right place for her. Be proud of what you've been given the opportnity to do. NMMI is a great...
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    Aero at USNA USNA has one of the top ten undergraduate Aerospace Egineering programs in the country. NYCUSNA2012 is a great resource to ask about the program. There are two tracks, Astro and Aero. My daughter ('07) majored in aerospace eng in the aeronautical engineering track. It...
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    enlisted to usna risks

    Risks Everywhere Good, general advice for life...listen to your parents. There are many good routes to a commission in the USN or USMC; USNA is one of them. If it is your dream to attend USNA and be commissioned in USN or USMC then pursue that dream. Recognize that there are risks...
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    SAT vs ACT

    Superscoring ACT/SAT True. The USNA admissions folks take your best scores on your best days on your best tests and convert and combine them. Ex: An ACT 32 Math and a SAT1 700 English. Navy ROTC does not. They use your best test overall score on your best day. Ex: Your June ACT...
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    Welcome Welcome Vampsoul, There are many good folks here and lots of good information has been posted on the many threads here. I am confident that you recognize that each poster has a point of view worth considering. Good luck in your pursuit and congrats on your planned SSs.
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    Serious threat?

    Granting a Wish There is a part of me that sincerely wants to grant that wish... uhh....NOT that I wish ill of ANYONE!
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    As Capt MJ points out, the number of SEALS in the Navy is extremely small, thus the number of SEALs that come to USNA as prior enlisted will be very small as well. There is no policy that would out-of-hand reject SEALs.
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    Flying Alternatives

    Career Choices USNA Class of 2009 The list below includes those career choices selected by members of the USNA class of 2009. Line Officers Surface Warfare Officer (Conventional) SWO (Nuclear) SWO OPTION (Oceanography) SWO OPTION (Information Professional) Submarines...