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    I need a nomination but

    Just_A_Mom can I only (I'm in AROTC) that I cannot get a ROTC nomination to the air force academy for example? Oh and when you say Admissions officer, are you talk about the PMS at the school or one the academy has assigned you?
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    I need a nomination but

    In that link you provided it states there are other options for ROTC? Do you know what those might be?
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    I need a nomination but

    My current Representative's interviews are already going on and I just started my application process. I received one last year while I was in high school and am now in ROTC at Florida Institute of Technology. I'm in district 14 with Congressman Connie Mack and I wanted to know if their are any...
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    How do I send the DoDMERB to the USAFA

    I was just wondering if anybody knows how to send my DoDMERB to the USAFA. I have already completed and been qualified for it but for my application it said that I have not taken it yet. Thanks, Craig