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    To late for SAT?

    For those trying for to schedule for SAT in California, you might have better luck with private schools. Be sure to call the school first to make sure the testing center is open. DO NOT trust the info on the College Board website...they do not regularly update cancellations. We had to go through...
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    R-Day 2021 Tips

    Make sure you are walking around with your own bag. Funny story (not so much when my son was going through it)...without knowing, he and a female cadets switched bags after going through the different issue points. He was walking around with PT shirts and shorts that were too small.
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    Cancelled SAT and ACT tests

    Hey guys! We are from SoCal too and had the same problem last fall. I’d suggest calling all the private/religious schools in your surrounding area to make sure their testing centers are open before registering. The Collegeboard is really bad at updating their website. We’ve had tests cancelled...
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    Homeschool Applicant Class of 2025 Question

    I would suggest the DE classes for your student because he will able to take all the science classes recommended by all the SAs. In the case of DE classes, each course is per semester, giving him the time to take Bio, chem and physics. I would suggest the same for his math courses as well. Be...
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    Food at WP

    My cadet is not very picky but can’t get on board with the new menu. And yes, fish and salad for all three meals is too much for him. So he has been ordering food almost everyday. He is now at least 15lbs heavier than last year. 🤦‍♀️
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    Pre Cal or Cal

    I asked my daughter (high school senior, not SA applicant) for her input and here is what she said, “Take the pre-cal if you are not strong in math because it’s all about the fundamentals at that level.” She is currently in concurrent college cal 2, and has found that things she missed in...
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    2021 memes

    But if you live in a shutdown state (like Ca)’ll pay for the over priced drink just to be out. 🍷🍺🍸
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    No Military Connections (USMA Hopeful)

    Hi there! No need to have any military connections, just a desire to serve the country as an officer of the military. Actually I feel that one of the reasons my son received an appointment was the fact that he talked about his commitment to serve this great nation because of our immigrant...
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    Where to retire?

    I see a lot of new housing developments in the area at the moment. So tempting to jump the gun now before prices get any higher. 🤔
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    Homeschooling and the USNA

    We went through the application process a couples years ago, and our homeschooled son is now a cadet at WP. Please message me if you need help. I would really work on a couple things at the moment if I were you. First, work really hard on SAT/ACT prep. Practice both and chose the one you do...
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    Marketing vs. admissions supoort

    @lipton_hot_tea our cadet was homeschooled as well. In our experience, we uploaded all required doc. to his portal. And per his RC’s request, a paper copy of his official transcript was mailed to him. You should have your child contact his RC if the FFR is not responding to his emails. In our...
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    Is there a "personality type" for military service?

    Our USMA son is the messiest of all three children. His room at home would never pass SAMI 🤦‍♀️
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    Where to retire?

    We too are from Ca, and are looking to move to a more conservative state upon husband’s retirement. At the moment interested in Woodway Tx, just outside of Waco, Tx. We fell in love with the area when moving our older son into college. Weather isn’t the best, but the friendly people in town...
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    Are Home School nominations on the uptick?

    Hey there! We are a homeschool family with a cadet at USMA. He received congressional nominations to all three SAs, appointed to USMA. He is thriving. My suggestion for you is to focus on presenting a well rounded application. Good test scores, challenging coursework, and find an organization...
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    Graduating Early

    Have you considered staying in high school while continuing in dual-enrollment classes? You will not be able to skip classes if appointed but you may validate. I would recommend taking STEM focused courses which will prepare you for the Academy if appointed. Good luck to you!
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    Am I Competitive?

    We used Prepscholar SAT for our cadet and younger sib, worked out well for both. No need to get the private tutoring. Only did the basic package and it helped to increase their score by 160 points for one and 200 points for the other. It all depends on how many hours you are able to login for...
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    August SAT got cancelled

    While it’s true that many testing center stay open for the August test. Many are closed and students are notified so late in the game that they can’t make arrangements for another site. And if you live in states like California, all the public school( testing sites) are closed due to Covid...
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    August SAT got cancelled

    Have you tried looking for a testing center outside of your area? Especially private schools? We live in SoCal and have had the same bad luck with my DD’s testing dates. We have now signed her up in a testing center over a hour away. With so many public schools being closed at the moment, your...
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    Popeyes vs Chick-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Sandwich??

    Chick-fil-a is still the best!!! I’m craving for them and it’s only 3pm. 😢