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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    USMMA Class of 2022 Appointments: 1) NAVYCAPT93 / DS / LOA/ 07-Dec-17 /Undecided / TX / Senatorial / Direct Appointment 2) River627 / Self / No LOA / 11-Dec-17 / Accepted / GA /Senatorial and Congressional / Direct Appointment 3) Youngman / Self / LOA / 12-Dec-17 /Accepted / NC /Senatorial and...
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    USMA Class of 2022 Appointment Thread

    I am in the same position as of a couple of days ago in terms of receiving the same letter, but is it worth reaching out to my RC for an answer? In other words, is it an appropriate thing to contact a RC for?
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    Navy ROTC Class of 2022

    15. tomcat70/self/Feb 22/Villanova/Tier 1
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    Elite Corps in USCG
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    Class Of 2022 USMMA DIY Appointment Thread

    25) tomcat70 / Self / No LOA / 14-Mar-18 / Undecided / VA / Congressional & Senatorial / ??
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    NROTC Chances?

    3.99 GPA, 2 sport varsity athlete since freshman year, club founder, multiple community service projects, orchestra concertmaster, etc... I don't know all his specifics but I just wanted to include that my test scores, which I thought were significantly low compared to others, helped me to...
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    NROTC Chances?

    I received a National NROTC Scholarship Navy Option just this past month with 28 ACT and 1260 SAT.