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    Clubs at USNA

    No prior experience needed to join the Judo Club.
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    Post-Graduate Engineering Possibilities

    OP, from what I've seen - the internship and research opportunities at USNA are simply outstanding. For example, google "USNA Trident Scholar Program". I'm curious to hear what other universities you are comparing USNA to?
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    Just received a Letter of Assurance... I had a question about the English Department/Languages

    OP. I suggest contacting your USNA admissions officer with these questions. Ask to talk with the English Dept. They will be able to answer these questions (but perhaps not about ROTC).
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    Sport or band?

    ^^Great feedback here. Varsity/club level sports leadership is huge and should be have a special priority. Athletics is an integral part of USNA. Music is also very well represented at USNA. According to the Class of 2020 snapshot, 30% of the class has "Musical Activities (Band, Chorus, Etc.)"...
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    529, Service academies & grad school withdrawals?

    OP. Disclaimer: consult a real tax professional, but here's what I've heard. I don't think it's possible to carry over the military academy penalty exemption to the future. My understanding is that the 529 withdrawal has to occur in the same tax year the Mid is at USNA. I've also heard that the...
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    Preparing for the plebe year?

    Your plebe/mid should have the opportunity to purchase tickets for you during the early part of the fall semester. It is difficult for a lot of west coast parents to make the Army/Navy game because it is scheduled right before Christmas break.
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    Herndon question

    Last year, the plebes-no-more had liberty in town right after Herndon. We went out to dinner with a bunch of mids and their families. The mids already had the evening planned out. Keep in mind that a fairly large percentage of plebes will not be participating in Herndon due to sports or training...
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    I need advice badly

    OP. One of the first things you will be told at CVW is the needs of the Navy come first. What this means is that the Navy needs unrestricted line officers for ships, subs, aviation and marines. At USNA, you will spend a lot of time studying subjects that have nothing to do with medicine. If...
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    Importance of sports for application

    OP. The advice I've heard is to consider participating in a no-cut sport at your school such as track or swimming. I believe both are spring sports so you should have time to sign up now.
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    Yes, apply for as many scholarships as you can. I would recommend applying for everything you can then figuring out the details after you win one. Start with your HS counselor to get a start on finding scholarships.
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    Chance me please

    According to a USAToday article on USMA '16 admissions, the chances are 51% for fully qualified nominated candidates. I'd guess USNA for 2021 will be about the same. OP. SAT scores within 2020 USNA Class profile for 50th percentile range - but I'm sure you will do better on the real SAT. I...
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    What is a good "hook" for the USNA?

    That is great you are president of the Science Club. I'd suggest using your leadership position in the Science Club to accomplish something in your community or school. Perhaps take a look at the kind of STEM outreach programs at USNA to get some ideas. FYI, 45% of the 2020 class had tutoring...
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    What is a good "hook" for the USNA?

    OP. Do you have any STEM EC or experience?
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    Ethnicity and admission chances

    OP. There are quite a few mids with ancestry from India at USNA. So, I think adding overcoming hardship to your essay essay might be good - but you might want to make sure your leadership skills are highlighted. Unlike a typical regular university, USNA is extremely selective and is looking for...
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    Where should I improve myself?

    Google "USNA class portrait" to see statistics on the 2020 class. or here OP, take a look at EC and also ACT scores.
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    Bucket list before plebe summer

    Great topic. Try to spend as much time with your grandparents if you can. I wouldn't worry about bucket lists now - life at USNA is an adventure.
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    Home football tickets

    Try asking on the one of the parents groups - there are usually tickets from other mid parents available - often for a discount.
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    Smoked weed once, will I be disqualified?

    IMHO, the service academies are not a very good place to be for people that have any issues with drugs, alcohol, or peer pressure. The consequences are simply too severe. There is also the issue of security clearance as mentioned above. Perhaps look at attending a regular civilian college then...
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    Economics Change

    OP. Just my opinion but the main difference between Econ vs QE is the kind of career you want after the Navy. QE is more specialized - look at careers as an Actuary or a Quant on wall street. Lots of statistics and number crunching. Pays not bad either. Just depends what you want to do.
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    Congrats! ISR is a very big deal. The ISR and NROTC is not connected to USNA. You do not need to cancel your USNA application. You can sign the ISR and later decline if you decide to attend an SA or decide not to do NROTC. It is not binding like an ED (at least not 2 years ago).