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    cream and personal items at rday

    will I be allowed to bring like any icy/hot or pain relieving cream? to help with sore muscles and stuff to beast? what about non prescription acne creams.. like clearisil? can I bring my own tooth paste?
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    Ok so this guy is a functional health nutritionist.. so if he prescribes me these vitamins and I take them to beast they will let me keep them?
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    will I be able to bring supplements to west point? I hit a very late growth spurt and the doctor says I'm due to grow again so I have several vitamins that I'm suppose to take to ensure good growth and help protect me from overuse injuries. will I be able to take these to R-day?
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    worrying over injuries

    Ok so i recieved an appointment but I can't stop worring because I am constantly recieving sports related injuries, nothing serious just strained muscles and one instance of bursitis. What kind of injuries and ailments will USMA send you home for? If they send you home will they let you come...
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    marine options

    Ok so if you get marine ground from naval academy.. does that mean that you will be in their infantry or could you wind up in like marine quartermaster or finance?
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    Deciding between Navy and Army

    Ive recieved an appointment to USMA and an LOA from Annapolis. I am trying to decide which academy to go to. I want to be among the most elite in the armed forces. I want to go to West Point but fear I will graduate and be stuck in a basic army unit for the rest of my service. Are there...
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    Deciding between Army and Navy

    Ive recieved an appointment to USMA and an LOA from Annapolis. I am trying to decide which academy to go to. I want to be a Marine (but not career). When I look at the fact that West Point has much better academic program (Forbes rated WP 6th in the nation and Navy 36th) I fear Navy will fail to...
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    dodmerb ROTC question

    Ok so I am applying to the academies and there might be a slight trouble with dodmerb. both academys say they can get it waived. I am also applying to ROTC programs, do the ROTC programs hold the same medical standards as the academys? If I am disqualified to the academys will I also be...
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    Hearing Quesion

    Ok so my score was a 65 in the 4000 but I already have a letter of assurance from them. do you think that my condition is able to be waived?
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    Hearing Quesion

    I made a mistake it was the 8000 and 4000Hz, does the fact that I didn't score well on the 4000Hz in my left ear a red flag?
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    Hearing Quesion

    Ok so I just took my medical exam and it turns out I didn't hear very well in the 6000 to 8000Hz frequencies in my left ear. The doctor checked the acceptable hearing blank on the form and said that it shouldn't be a problem. Will this hearing loss result in a disqualification from West Point?