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    USAFA Class of 2023 Appointment Thread

    1) rudycoon / DS / No LOA / 09-Nov-18 / Undecided / CA / Presidential / Direct Appointment 2) OdysseyDawn / Self / No LOA / 01-Dec-18 / Accepted / MS / Presidential / Direct Appointment 3) GoCubbies / DD / No LOA / 01-Dec-18 / Undecided / IL / Presidential /Direct Appointment 4) Newinwin / DS /...
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    I am currently an AFROTC on scholarship and in the process of reapplying to USAFA. How were your grades during your freshman year? I am taking 17 credit hours but withdrew due to the risk of failing. What do you think is the most important thing for me to do during my freshman year? Lastly, any...
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    Apr 16 CPR Status

    Denied around noon, on to UGA AFROTC
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    Class of 2022 DIY USNA Appointment Thread

    so at this point the USNA is not offering anymore appointments? It's either wait listed or TWE?
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    Our district's principle nominee was appointed to the Naval Academy back in February, however he declined the offer. Does that mean I still have a chance? I am still CPR.
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    NASS of '18 Questions

    It is physically demanding if you give it your all. Of course they won't make you do anything that you feel uncomfortable with, especially during Sea Trials. Do your best, make friends with the other candidates and detailers, and enjoy it all. It was one of the most memorable events in my life.
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    NROTC Deadline

    I called my regional director and he said that only the online portion is due by the 31st.
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    NROTC Deadline

    The deadline for the NROTC scholarship is 31 January. Does this only apply to the online application and not the interview and other aspects of the application? I am taking my AFA tomorrow with my PE Instructor and I have to return it to the local Navy recruiter as there is not a place to...
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    CFA Retest

    Thanks for the input and advice guys.
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    CFA Retest

    Exactly one month after I initially submitted the first CFA
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    CFA Retest

    The AFA has requested me to retake my CFA. Pullups- 9 Pushups - 67 Situps - 55 Shuttle - 9.255 Basketball - 54 ft Mile - 8:10 I was initially surprised but quickly realized that it is most likely due to my mile and sit ups. What do you guys think? I usually run a 7:20 from a cold start but...
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    CFA Question

    I just finished my CFA today. Everything was satisfactory, exceeding the average scores, with the exception of my mile time. It was 30 degrees today with 15 mph winds during my run outside on the track. My mile time ended up being close to 9 minutes, I ran the previous week during fair weather...
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    NASS Group Chat

    Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I'll be at session 3 as well
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    USNA Summer Seminar Information

    Hi, this is kinda a trivial question, on my nass application I said i was a size Medium for tshirt and shorts. My size is a small, is there a way to change this or can we change it when we arrive to NASS?
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    NASS Fee Waiver

    I want to wait for them to reply to my email, however my payment is due tomarrow. I noticed you said that I don't need to worry about the deadline but is there any chance I might lose my spot because of it?
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    NASS Fee Waiver

    Did you send an email requesting it as well? How long was it until they replied?
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    NASS Fee Waiver

    I recently got accepted to attend NASS and noticed that in the brochure that there is an option for scholarships (fee waiver) to attend NASS. Has anyone done a fee waiver for NASS? My payments are due the 15th and I sent and email through the NASS online form 2 days ago and still waiting for a...
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    NASS feedback

    They were supposed to reply to all applicants by today, 4/15/17.
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    NASS quick question

    I was unable to find it on the Facebook page
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    NASS quick question

    Does anyone know when the NASS application closes? I can't find the date at all.